57 Ph.D. Graduates 1983 - 2023

Class of 2023

2023 57 PATRICK, Haley (J. Kildea) Development of a dose-surface map workflow for dose-outcome studies of the rectum during radiotherapy for prostate cancer
  56 NASERI, Hossein (J. Kildea) The use of radiomics and natural language processing to detect pain in the simulation-CT images of patients undergoing radiotherapy for bone metastasis


Class of 2021

* Biological & Biomedical Engineering
Year # Graduate (Supervisor) Research Topic
  55 MORCOS, Marc
(S. Enger)
Intensity modulated brachytherapy for the treatment of cervical cancer
  54 MONTGOMERY, Logan
(J. Kildea)
Spectral measurements and carcinogenic effects modeling of secondary neutrons in radiation therapy
  53* FORTIER, Véronique
(I. Levesque)
Evaluation of tumor hypoxia with magnetic resonance imaging
2021 52 WANG, Judy
(J. Seuntjens)
Electron and photon cross sections for accurate Monte Carlo simulations of biological radiation damage


Class of 2020

* Biological & Biomedical Engineering
Year # Graduate (Supervisor) Research Topic
2020 51* ALDELAIJAN, Saad
(S. Devic)
Advanced quality assurance methodologies in image-guided high-dose-rate brachytherapy
50 MULLINS, Joel
(J. Seuntjens, F. DeBlois)
Treatment plan optimization and delivery using dynamic gantry-couch trajectories
49 FAMULARI, Gabriel
(S. Enger)
Dynamic-shield intensity modulated brachytherapy for prostate cancer
48 AHMED, Zaki
(I. Levesque)
Advancements to the reference region model for dynamic contrast enhanced MRI
47 XING, Stella
(I. Levesque)
Characterization of tumor microstructures with diffusion weighted MRI
46 DIAMANT, André
(J. Seuntjens)
Radiation therapy outcome prediction using statistical correlations & deep learning


2015 - 2019

* Biological & Biomedical Engineering
Year # Graduate (Supervisor) Research Topic
2019 45 MIRZAKHANIAN, Lalageh
(J. Seuntjens)
Reference dosimetry of static, nonstandard radiation fields: Application to biology-guided radiotherapy and cranial radio surgery generators
44 RENAUD, Marc-André
(J. Seuntjens)
Mixed electron-photon radiation therapy treatment planning and delivery
43* ZLATEVA, Yana
(I. El Naqa, J. Seuntjens)
Cherenkov emission-based photon and electron beam dosimetry
2018 42 WATSON, Peter
(J. Seuntjens)
Dosimetry of a miniature x-ray source used in intraoperative radiation therapy
41 HICKLING, Susannah
(I. El Naqa, J. Seuntjens)
Demonstration of x-ray acoustic computed tomography as a radiotherapy dosimetry tool
2017 40* PEREZ, Jessica
(I. El Naqa, J. Seuntjens)
Molecular imaging of radiation-induced lung injury
(I. El Naqa, J. Seuntjens)
Radiomics: Enabling factors towards precision medicine
(I. Levesque, G.B. Pike)
Gradient echo-based quantitative myelin water imaging
2016 37 RENAUD, James
(J. Seuntjens, A. Sarfehnia)
On the development of absorbed dose calorimeter systems for absolute clinical dosimetry
36 PATER, Piotr
(I. El Naqa, J. Seuntjens)
Numerical models for radiation-induced DNA damage
35 MARKEL, Daniel
(J. Seuntjens)
Simultaneous registration and segmentation coupling using the Jensen Rényi divergence for adaptive radiotherapy
34 LEE, Sangkyu
(I. El Naqa, J. Seuntjens)
System radiobiology modelling of radiation induced lung disease
(J. Seuntjens)
On the detector response and the reconstruction of the source intensity distribution in small photon fields


2010 - 2014

Year # Graduate (Supervisor) Research Topic
2014 32 CONNELL, Tanner
(J. Seuntjens)
The feasibility and accuracy of Modulated Electron Radiation Therapy delivery and the design of novel scattering foils
2013 31 CHUNG, Eunah
(J. Seuntjens)
Development of radiation dosimetry techniques for nonstandard beam radiotherapy
2012 30 ALEXANDER, Andrew
(J. Seuntjens, F. DeBlois)
Monte Carlo treatment planning with modulated electron radiotherapy: Framework development and application
2010 29 FRASER, Danielle
(F. Verhaegen)
Image guided radiation therapy applications for head and neck, prostate, and breast cancers using 3D ultrasound imaging and Monte Carlo dose calculations
(J. Seuntjens)
Water calorimetry-based radiation dosimetry in iridium-192 brachytherapy and proton therapy


2000 - 2009

* Electrical Engineering
Year # Graduate (Supervisor) Research Topic
  27* POON, Emily
(F. Verhaegen)
Patient-specific dose calculation methods for high-dose-rate iridium-192 brachytherapy
  26 LEVESQUE, Ives
(G.B. Pike)
Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging of magnetization transfer and T2 relaxtion in human white matter pathology
2009 25 JABBARI, Keyvan
(J. Seuntjens)
Development of a fast Monte Carlo code for dose calculation in a treatment planning and feasibility study of high contrast portal imaging
2008 24 BAZALOVA, Magdalena
(F. Verhaegen)
The use of computed tomography images in Monte Carlo treatment planning
23 SHAM, Edwin
(E.B. Podgorsak, J. Seuntjens)
Physical parameters of very small diameter 10 MV x-ray beams for linac-based stereotactic radiosurgery
22 HEATH, Emily
(J. Seuntjens)
4D Monte Carlo investigation of organ motion in radiotherapy for lung cancer (thesis submitted October 2007)
2007 21 STEWART, Kristin
(J. Seuntjens)
The development of new devices for accurate radiation dose measurement: A guarded liquid ionization chamber and an electron sealed water calorimeter
20 AL-YAHYA, Khalid
(J. Seuntjens)
Energy modulated electron therapy: Design, implementation and evaluation of a novel method of treatment planning and delivery
19 JARRY, Geneviève
(F. Verhaegen)
Study of novel techniques for verification imaging and patient dose reconstruction in external beam radiation therapy
2004 18 ABDEL-RAHMAN, Wamied
(E.B. Podgorsak)
A study of the build-up region of megavoltage radiation beams
2002 17 BERCIER, Yanic
(D.H. Hristov)
Image fusion for radiosurgery of arteriovenous malformations
2001 16 DEBLOIS, François
(E.B. Podgorsak)
Dose measurement in heterogeneous phantoms with an extrapolation chamber
15 LACHAÎNE, Martin
(B.G. Fallone)
Portal imaging with a direct-detection active matrix flat panel imager


1990 - 1999

* Biomedical Engineering
** Electrical Engineering
Year # Graduate (Supervisor) Research Topic
1999 14 FALCO, Tony
(B.G. Fallone)
Analysis of metal/film and novel metal/a-Se portal detectors
1998 13 CURTIN-SAVARD, Arthur
(E.B. Podgorsak)
Delivery and verification of intensity-modulated x-ray beams in radiotherapy
12 HRISTOV, Dimitre
(B.G. Fallone)
Development of techniques for optimization and verification of radiation tomography
1997 11 ZANKOWSKI, Corey
(E.B. Podgorsak)
Calibration of photon and electron beams with an extrapolation chamber
10 WANG, Bing
(C.J. Thompson)
Measurement of evoked vascular response to cerebral activation PET
1996 9 WANG, Hui
(B.G. Fallone)
Development of a portal imager and of tools for radiation treatment verification
1995 8 AUDET, Chantal
(L.J. Schreiner)
NMR-dose response studies of gel systems for 3-D dosimetry with MRI
1994 7 MACDONALD, Brennan
(B.G. Fallone)
Charge transport and storage in the radiation
1993 6* HENRI, Chris
(T.M. Peters)
Three-dimensional modelling and reconstruction of cerebral vasculature
5 SIXEL, Katharina
(E.B. Podgorsak)
Measurements and Monte Carlo simulations of x-ray beams in radiosurgery
1990 4 BLAIS, Noël
(E.B. Podgorsak)
Modified Fermi-Eyges electron scattering in tissue-equivalent media
3** PIKE, G. Bruce
(T.M. Peters)
Signal behavior in MR angiography using rapid field-echo sequences


1983 - 1989

*Ad Hoc: Neurology
Year # Graduate (Supervisor) Research Topic
1989 2* MAWKO, George
(T.M. Peters)
Three-dimensional analysis of digital subtraction angiograms for stereotactic neurosurgery planning
1983 1 FALLONE, B. Gino
(E.B. Podgorsak)
Charge transport in electrostatic radiography
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