Tanner Connell

Affiliate Member

Medical Physics Unit, McGill University

Other appointments:

Clinical Physicist, Department of Medical Physics, McGill University Health Centre


Cedars Cancer Centre, Medical Physics, DS1.7141
McGill University Health Centre - Glen Site
1001 boul. Décarie
Montréal, QC H4A 3J1


514 934 1934 x45802


tanner.connell [at] mcgill.ca


BSc (Dalhousie '04); MSc (McGill '09); PhD (McGill '15)

Research focus:

Modulated electron therapy; MV imaging with low-Z targets.

Key Publications:

T. Connell, J. Seuntjens, Design and validation of novel scattering foils for modulated electron radiation therapy, Phys Med Biol. 59(10), 2381-91 (2014).

T. Connell, A. Alexander, P. Papaconstadopoulos, M. Serban, S. Devic, J. Seuntjens, Delivery validation of an automated modulated electron radiotherapy plan, Med. Phys. 41(6), 061715 (2014).

T. Connell, A. Alexander, M. Evans, J. Seuntjens, An experimental feasibility studdy on the use of scattering foil free beams for modulated electron radiotherapy, Phys. Med. Biol. 57(11), 3259-72 (2012).

T. Connell, J.L. Robar, Low-Z target optimization for spatial resolution improvement in megavoltage imaging, Med. Phys. 37(1), 124-31 (2012).

J.L. Robar, T. Connell, W. Huang, R.G. Kelly, Megavoltage planar and cone-beam imaging with low-Z targets: Dependence of image quality improvement on beam enegery and patient separation, Med. Phys. 36(9), 3955-63 (2012).


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