Slobodan Devic

Affiliate Member

Medical Physics Unit, McGill University

Other appointments:

Assistant Professor, Department of Oncology


Department of Radiation Oncology, G18.112
SMBD-Jewish General Hospital
3755 ch. Côté-Ste-Catherine
Montréal, QC
H3T 1E2


514 340 8222 x2595


slobodan.devic [at]



Research focus:

Radiochromic film dosimetry; biological target volumes for radiotherapy treatment planning.
Clinical research: Development of new treatment techniques for GI cancers; PET/CT based biological target volume definition and implementation to treatment planning for lung and rectal carcinomas; incorporation of MRI simulation into radiotherapy treatment planning process; intra-operative brachytherapy for breast cancer patients.

Key Publications:

S. Devic, J. Seuntjens, E. Sham, E.B. Podgorsak, A.S. Kirov, R.C. Schmidtlein, C.G. Soares, Precise radiochromic film dosimetry using a flat-bed document scanner, Med. Phys. 32, 2245-2253 (2005).

S. Devic, J. Seuntjens, W. Abdel-Rahman, M. Evans, M. Olivares, E.B. Podgorsak, T. Vuong, C.G. Soares, Accurate skin dose measurements using radiochromic film in clinical applications, Med. Phys. 33, 1116-1124 (2006).

S. Devic, T. Vuong, B. Moftah, M. Evans, E.B. Podgorsak, E. Poon, F. Verhaegen, Image guided high dose tate endorectal brachytherapy, Med. Phys. 34, 4451-4458 (2007).

S. Devic, N. Tomic, S. Faria, S. Menard, R. Lisbona, S. Lehnert, Defining radiotherapy target volumes based on FDG-PET/CT scan: Still a Pandora’s box, Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 78, 1555-1562 (2010).

S. Devic, Radiochromic film dosimetry: Past, present, and future, Physica Medica 27, 122-134 (2011).

S. Devic, MRI simulation for radiotherapy treatment planning, Med. Phys. 39, 6701-6711 (2012).


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