Richard B. Richardson

Adjunct Professor

Medical Physics Unit, McGill University

Other appointments:

Principal Scientist & Dosimetry Section Leader,

Radiological Protection Research & Instrumentation, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)


RPBI Branch
Chalk River, ON
K0J 1J0


613 584 3311 x44755


richard.richardson [at]



Certification & honors


Clinical research:

Improving treatments for leukemia at Ottawa Hospital by understanding radiation effects on mitochondria and stem cells.

Research focus:

Neutron quality factors, mitochondrial effects in cancer/aging, radiation-induced cataracts, radon biomarkers

Key publications:

Richardson, R.B., Anghel, C.V., Deng, D.S. (2021). Profound synchrony of age-specific incidence rates and tumor suppression for different cancer types as revealed by the multistage-senescence model of carcinogenesis. Aging (Albany NY), 13(20), 23545-23578.

Paterson, L.C., Yonkeu, A., Ali, F., Priest, N.D., Boreham, D.R., Seymour, C.B., Norton, F., Richardson, R.B. (2021). Relative biological effectiveness and non-Poissonian distribution of dicentric chromosome aberrations following Californium-252 neutron exposures of human peripheral blood lymphocytes. Radiat Res, 195(2), 211-217.

Richardson, R.B., Ainsbury, E.A., Prescott, C.R., Lovicu, F. J. (2020). Etiology of posterior subcapsular cataracts based on a review of risk factors including aging, diabetes, and ionizing radiation. Int J Radiat Biol, 96(11), 1339-1361.

Patten, D.A., Ouellet, M., Allan, D.S., Germain, M., Baird, S.D., Harper, M.E., Richardson, R.B. (2019). Mitochondrial adaptation in human mesenchymal stem cells following ionizing radiation. FASEB J, 33(8).

Ali, F., Atanackovic, J., Boyer, C., Festarini, A., Kildea, J., Paterson, L.C., Rogge, R., Stuart, M., Richardson, R.B. (2018). Dosimetric and microdosimetric analyses for blood exposed to reactor-derived thermal neutrons. J Radiol Prot, 38(3), 1037-1052.

Richardson, R.B., Harper, M.E. (2016). Mitochondrial stress controls the radiosensitivity of the oxygen effect: Implications for radiotherapy. Oncotarget, 7(16), 21469-21483.

El-Jaby, S., Richardson, R.B. (2015). Monte Carlo simulations of the secondary neutron ambient and effective dose equivalent rates from surface to suborbital altitudes and low Earth orbit. Life Sci Space Res (Amst), 6, 1-9.

Richardson, R.B., Allan, D.S., Le, Y. (2014). Greater organ involution in highly proliferative issues associated with the early onset and acceleration of ageing in humans. Exp Gerontol, 55C, 80-91.

Richardson, R.B. (2009). Ionizing radiation and aging: Rejuvenating an old idea. Aging (Albany NY), 1(11), 887-902.


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