Peter Watson

Assistant Professor

Gerald Bronfman Department of Oncology & Medical Physics Unit,

McGill University

Other appointments:

Clinical Physicist, Department of Medical Physics, MUHC


Cedars Cancer Centre, Medical Physics DS1.7141

McGill University Health Centre - Glen Site

1001 boul. Décarie

Montréal, QC H4A 3J1


514 934-1934 x65013


peter.watson [at]


BSc (Waterloo '07), MSc (McGill '11), MSc (McGill '13), PhD (McGill '19)

Research focus:

KV dosimetry, IORT, Monte Carlo simulation.

Key Publications:

Devic, S., Liang, L., Tomic, N., Bekerat, H., Morcos, M., Popovic, M., Watson, P., Aldelaijan, S., & Seuntjens, J. (2019). Dose measurements nearby low energy electronic brachytherapy sources using radiochromic film. Physica Medica, 64, 40-44.

Watson, P. G., Bekerat, H., Papaconstadopoulos, P., Davis, S., & Seuntjens, J. (2018). An investigation into the INTRABEAM miniature x‐ray source dosimetry using ionization chamber and radiochromic film measurements. Medical Physics, 45(9), 4274-4286.

Watson, P. G., Popovic, M., & Seuntjens, J. (2017). Determination of absorbed dose to water from a miniature kilovoltage x-ray source using a parallel-plate ionization chamber. Physics in Medicine & Biology, 63(1), 015016.

Watson, P. G., & Seuntjens, J. (2016). Effect of explicit M and N‐shell atomic transitions on a low‐energy x‐ray source. Medical Physics, 43(4), 1760-1763.

Watson, P. G., Mainegra‐Hing, E., Tomic, N., & Seuntjens, J. (2015). Implementation of an efficient Monte Carlo calculation for CBCT scatter correction: phantom study. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 16(4), 216-227.


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