Michael D.C. Evans

Associate Member

Medical Physics Unit, McGill University

Other Appointments:

Assistant Professor, Department of Oncology

Clinical Physicist & Class II Radiation Safety Officer, Department of Medical Physics, McGill University Health Centre


Cedars Cancer Centre, Medical Physics, DS1.7141
McGill University Health Centre - Glen Site
1001 boul. Décarie
Montréal, QC H4A 3J1


514 934-8052


michael.evans [at] mcgill.ca



Certification & honors

FCCPM, FCOMP, COMS certification, NY Medical Physics License# 00087, CNSC licensed RSO.

Clinical research:

HDR brachytherapy, eye plaques for choroidal melanoma, photon and electron total body irradiation

Research focus:

Linac calibration and measurement, HDR brachtherapy, total body irradiation, radiation safety.

Radiation safety and management of safety programs for Class II nuclear facilities.  Development of total body irradiation techniques.  Development of treatment and dosimetry for eye plaques.  Linac calibration and measurement with novel detectors.

Key publications:

M.D.C. Evans, C. Hudon, E.B. Podgorsak, C.R. Freeman, Institutional experience with a rotational total skin electron irradiation (RTSEI) technique: A three decade review (1981-2012), Rep. Prac. Oncol. Radioth. 19, 120-134 (2014).

W. Abdel-Rahman, M.D.C. Evans, L. Serré, J. McCaffrey, E.B. Podgorsak, J. Seuntjens, Clinic-based transfer of the calibration coefficient using a linear accelerator, Med. Phys. 36, 929-938 (2009).

E. Reynard, M.D.C. Evans, W. Parker, S. Devic, D. Roberge, C.R. Freeman, E.B. Podgorsak, Rotational total skin electron irradiation (RTSEI) with a linear accelerator, J. Appl. Clin. Med. Phys. 9(4), 123-134 (2008).

M.D.C. Evans, S. Devic, E.B. Podgorsak, High dose rate brachytherapy source position quality assurance using radiochromic film, Med. Dosim. 32, 13-15 (2006).

M.D.C. Evans, R. Larouche, M. Olivares, P. Leger, J. Larkin, C.R. Freeman, E.B. Podgorsak, Total body irradiation with a reconditioned cobalt teletherapy unit, J. Appl. Clin. Med. Phys. 7(1), 42-51 (2006).

Y.Z. Wang, M.D.C. Evans, E.B. Podgorsak, Characteristics of induced activity from medical linear accelerators, Med. Phys. 32, 2899-2910 (2005).

M.D.C. Evans, J. Larkin, P. Léger, E.B. Podgorsak, A monitor unit “odometer” for measuring linac workload, Med. Phys. 28, 2535-2537 (2001).

M.D.C. Evans, V. Benk, C.R. Freeman, M. Gosselin, M. Olivares, E.B. Podgorsak, A modified half-block breast irradiation technique using a CT-simulator, Radiol. Oncol. 33, 227-235 (1999).

M.D.C. Evans, H.J. Patrocinio, L. Souhami, M. Tanzer, E.B. Podgorsak, Dosimetry of hip irradiation for the prevention of heterotopic bone formation after arthroplasty, Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 43, 1161-1165 (1999).

B.G. Clark, T.N. Roman, L. Souhami, M.D.C. Evans, C. Pla, Rectal complications in patients with carcinoma of the cervix treated with concomitant cisplatin and external beam irradiation with high dose rate brachytherapy: A dosimetric analysis, Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 28, 1243-1250 (1994).


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