Li Heng Liang


Affiliate Member

Medical Physics Unit, McGill University

Other appointments:

Medical Physicist, Division of Radiation Oncology,

SMBD Jewish General Hospital



Radiation Oncology, G18.121
SMBD Jewish General Hospital, MUHC
3755 Côte-Ste-Catherine
Montreal, QC H3T 1E2


(514) 340-8222 x22180


lliang [at]


MSc (Med Phys), McGill University (2010); Residency (Radiation Oncology Phys), McGill Univ Health Centre (2004)

Research focus:

Film dosimetry, ortho-voltage dosimetry.

Key recent publications:

M. Heravi, N. Tomic, L. Liang, S. Devic, J. Holmes, F. DeBlois, D. Radziocha, T. Muanza, Sorafenib in combination with ionizing radiation has a greater anti-tumour activity in a breast cancer model, Anti-Cancer Drugs 23, 525-533 (2012).

S. Aldelaijan, S. Devic, H. Mohammed, N. Tomic, L. Liang, F. DeBlois, J. Seuntjens, Radiochromic film dosimetry of HDR 192-Ir source radiation fields, Med. Phys. 38, 6074-6083 (2011).

S. Aldelaijan, S. Devic, H. Mohammed, N. Tomic, L. Liang, F. DeBlois, J. Seuntjens, Evaluation of EBT-2 model GafChromicTM film performance in water, Med. Phys. 37, 3687-3693 (2010).

L. Liang, N. Tomic, S. Devic, J. Seuntjens, F. DeBlois, Measurement of the cutout output factor on ortho-voltage unit using EBT-2 model GafchromicTM film, 2011 Joint AAPM/COMP Meeting, Vancouver, Brititish Columbia; Med. Phys. 38 3512 (2011).

N. Tomic, T. Vuong, T. Niazi, B. Bahoric, L. Liang, F. DeBlois, S. Devic, J. Seuntjens, Evaluation of treatment shifts for prostate and rectum patients undergoing CBCT-guided IGRT using KV CBCT, 52nd annual meeting of the AAPM, July 18-22 (2010), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Med. Phys. 37(6), 3159 (2010).


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