Jan Seuntjens

Adjunct Professor

Department of Oncology, Medical Physics Unit

Other appointments:

Head, Department of Medical Physics, Princess Margaret Cancer Center

Professor, Departments of Radiation Oncology and Medical Biophysics

Senior Scientist, Princess Margaret Research Institute

Orey & Mary Fidani Family Chair in Radiation Physics, University of Toronto

Chair, Science Council of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine


700 University Avenue, 6-413,

Toronto, ON, M5G 1Z5


+1-416-946-4501 x6532


jan.seuntjens [at] mcgill.ca


Ph.D., University of Ghent, Belgium

Clinical research:

Radiation Oncology

Research focus:

Radiation physics and dosimetry; Monte Carlo simulation; device development; ionization chambers and other detectors

Key publications

(see Google Scholar)

P. Papaconstadopoulos, J. Seuntjens, A source model for modulated electron radiation therapy using dynamic jaw movements, Med. Phys. 40(5) (2013); 051707-1-051707-12.

J. Renaud, D. Marchington, J. Seuntjens, A. Sarfehnia, Development of a graphite probe calorimeter for absolute clinical dosimetry, Med Phys (Letters) 40(2) (2013);  020701-01-06.

A. Alexander, E. Soisson, M-A. Renaud, J. Seuntjens, Direct aperture optimization for FLEC-based MERT and its application in mixed beam radiotherapy, Med. Phys. 39(8), 4820-4831 (2012).

I. El Naqa, P. Pater, J. Seuntjens, Monte Carlo role in radiobiological modeling of radiotherapy outcomes, Phys. Med. Biol 57(11), 3259-72 (2012).

E. Chung†, E. Soisson, J. Seuntjens, Dose homogeneity specification for reference dosimetry of nonstandard fields, Med. Phys. 39(1), 407-414 (2012).
Current students:

Ayala Alvarez, Santiago David - PhD: Radiation dosimetry of an electronic brachytherapy source used in intraoperative radiotherapy

Bancheri, Julien - PhD: 

Heng, Veng Jean - PhD:

Keszti, Federico - PhD:

Lund, Christopher - PhD: Towards accessible proton radiotherapy: Inverse design of a low-cost, compact, and neutron-free medical accelerator based on linear induction technology

Mackay, Norman - MSc: 

Maher, Morgan - PhD:

Tai, Yes Man - MSc:



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