James Renaud

Adjunct Professor

Gerald Bronfman Department of Oncology & Medical Physics Unit, McGill University

Other appointments:

Assistant Research Officer, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario


National Research Council of Canada

1200 Montreal Road, Building M-58

Ottawa, ON K1A 0R6


613 993-9101


james.renaud [at] nrc-cnrc.gc.ca



Research focus:

Radiation therapy physics, radiation metrology (small & non-standard fields,  hadron therapy, MRgRT), calorimetry

Key Publications:

Renaud, J., Palmans, H., Sarfehnia, A., & Seuntjens, J. (2020). Absorbed dose calorimetry. Physics in Medicine & Biology, 65(5), 05TR02.

Renaud, J., Sarfehnia, A., Bancheri, J., & Seuntjens, J. (2020). Absolute dosimetry of a 1.5 T MR‐guided accelerator‐based high‐energy photon beam in water and solid phantoms using Aerrow. Medical Physics, 47(3), 1291-1304.

Renaud, J., Sarfehnia, A., Bancheri, J., & Seuntjens, J. (2018). Aerrow: A probe‐format graphite calorimeter for absolute dosimetry of high‐energy photon beams in the clinical environment. Medical Physics, 45(1), 414-428.

Renaud, J., Rossomme, S., Sarfehnia, A., Vynckier, S., Palmans, H., Kacperek, A., & Seuntjens, J. (2016). Development and application of a water calorimeter for the absolute dosimetry of short-range particle beams. Physics in Medicine & Biology, 61(18), 6602. 

Renaud, J., Sarfehnia, A., Marchant, K., McEwen, M., Ross, C., & Seuntjens, J. (2015). Direct measurement of electron beam quality conversion factors using water calorimetry. Medical Physics, 42(11), 6357-6368.  


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