G. Bruce Pike

Adjunct Professor

Medical Physics Unit, McGill University

Other Appointments:

CAIP Chair in Health Brain Aging

University of Calgary:

Head, Division of Image Science

Deputy Head/Research, Department of Radiology

Professor, Radiology & Clinical Neurosciences

Chair, Hotchkiss Brain Institute


Hotchkiss Brain Institute, HMRB Rm 193
University of Calgary
3330 Hospital Drive NW,
Calgary, AB T2N 4N1


403 210 9480


bruce.pike [at] ucalgary.ca



Research focus:

Neurology and neurosurgery. Medical imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, functional brain imaging, brain physiology, image guided neurosurgery.

Key publications: 

G.B. Pike, Quantitative functional MRI: Concepts, issues and future challenges, NeuroImage 62(2), 1234-1240 (2012).

C.I. Mark, G.B. Pike, Indication of BOLD-specific venous flow-volume changes from precisely controlled hyperoxic vs. hypercapnic calibration, J. Cereb. Blood Flow & Metab. 32(4), 709-719 (2012).

S. Bériault, F. Al Subaie, D.L. Collins, A.F. Sadikot, G.B. Pike, A multi-modal approach to computer-assisted deep brain stimulation trajectory planning, Int. J. Comp. Assis. Radiol. . Surg. 7(5), 687-704 (2012).

I. Levesque, J. Sled, G.B. Pike, An iterative optimization method for design of quantitative magnetization transfer imaging experiments, Magn. Reson. Med. 66(3), 635-643 (2011).

I.O. Jelescu, I.R. Leppert, S. Narayanan, D. Araujo, D.L. Arnold, G.B. Pike, A dual-temporal resolution DCE-MRI protocol for BB permeability measurement in enhancing multiple sclerosis lesions, J. Magn. Reson. Imag. 33(6), 1291-1300 (2011).

C.I. Mark, J.A. Fisher, G.B. Pike, Improved fMRI calibration: Precisely controlled hyperoxic versus hypercapnic stimuli, NeuroImage 54(2), 1102-1111 (2011).


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