Cette page comprend une liste des physiciens médicaux, des ingénieurs, des radiobiologistes et des membres externes. Pour plus d'information sur chacun d'eux, étant donnée que la version française du site web est en construction, veuillez consulter la version anglaise de cette page.


Physiciens Médicaux-Académique

Faculté académique

Intérêts de recherche

Adresse courriel
D. Louis Collins
Associate Professor
PhD (McGill '94)
Image processing, registration, segmentation, MRI, image guided neurosurgery, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy. louis.collins [at]

Issam El Naqa
Associate Professor
PhD (Illinois Inst Tech '02)

Oncology bioinformatics, Computational and Systems Biology, Multimodality Imaging, Adaptive Radiotherapy Issam.elnaqa [at]
Shirin Abbasi Nejad Enger
Assistant Professor
PhD (Med Phys) (Uppsala, Sweden '08)
Monte Carlo based dose planning systems, radiation dosimetry, brachytherapy, detector development, radiation protection. shirin.enger [at]
Andrew J. Reader
Associate Professor
PhD (London, England '98)

Positron emission tomography.

Image reconstruction.

andrew.reader [at]
Jan Seuntjens
Professor & Director, MPU
PhD (Ghent, Belgium '91)
Radiation dosimetry, Monte Carlo simulation, 4D radiation therapy, ionization chambers. jan.seuntjens [at]
Ervin B. Podgorsak
Emeritus Professor
Postdoc (Toronto '73)
Photon and electron beam dosimetry; stereotactic radiosurgery; general applications of physics to radiotherapy.  


Physiciens Médicaux-Clinique


Intérêts de recherche

Adresse courriel
Krum Asiev
Affiliate Member
MSc (McGill '06), M-Phys Residency (McGill '09)
Quality control of Varian linear accelerator, Theratron T780 Cobalt unit, Gulmay orthovoltage machine, Nucletron MicroSelectron HDR brachytherapy afterloader. kasiev [at]
Claire Cohalan
Medical Physicist
MSc (McGill '09)
Medical imaging, diagnostic and interventional radiology, dose and shielding calculations and measurements. claire.cohalan [at]
Stephen Davis
Assistant Professor
PhD (Wisconsin-Madison '09)

Accurate radiation dosimetry applied to calibration of radiation measurement devices. Commissioning of a Monte Carlo treatment planning system.
stephen.davis [at]
François DeBlois
Assistant Professor
PhD (McGill '01), M-Phys Residency (McGill '03)               
Photon and electron beam dosimetry, stereotactic radiosurgery, Monte Carlo treatment planning
and medical physics software.
francois.deblois [at]
Slobodan Devic
Assistant Professor
PhD (Belgrade '97), M-Phys Residency (McGill '02)
Radiochromic film dosimetry; biological target volumes for radiotherapy treatment planning. slobodan.devic [at]
Michael D.C. Evans
Assistant Professor
MSc (McGill '85)
Linac calibration and measurement, HDR brachtherapy, total body irradiation, radiation safety.

Radiation safety and management of safety programs for Class II nuclear facilities.
Development of total body irradiation techniques.
Development of treatment and dosimetry for eye plaques.  Linac calibration and measurement with novel detectors.

michael.evans [at]
Alain Gauvin
Affiliate Member
MSc (McGill '92)
Medical imaging informatics. alain.gauvin [at]
Gyorgy Hegyi
Affiliate Member
PhD (Babes-Bolyai Cluj '92)
Dose optimization in CT procedures. gyorgy.hegyi [at]
Maritza Hobson
Affiliate Member
PhD (Wisconsin-Madison '08 ), Postgraduate (Calgary '10)
Development of in vivo transit dosimetry procedures for EPIDs, characterization of portal imagers, development of routine QA procedures for image quality on OBIs, CT Sim using ACR CT phantom maritza.hobson [at]
Christian Janicki
Affiliate Member
PhD (Montréal '88)
Effect of radiation on restenosis; use of radioactive coils for aneurysm embolization. christian.janicki [at]
John Kildea
Affiliate Member
PhD (Dublin '02), M-Phys Residency (McGill '12)
Electronic QA, database tools, neutron spectra. john.kildea [at]
Ives Levesque
Associate Member
PhD (McGill '09)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) physics, acquisition, and image reconstruction. Magnetization transfer and relaxation mapping. Applications in oncology, neuroimaging, and musculoskeletal imaging. MR imaging methods for radiation oncology treatment planning. ives.levesque [at]
Li Heng Liang
Affiliate Member
MSc (McGill '04), M-Phys Residency (McGill '06)
Orthovoltage treatment machine, film dosimetry. lliang [at]
Belal Moftah
Affiliate Member
PhD (British Columbia '96), M-Phys Residency (McGill '99)
Developing of 3D polymer gel dosimeter for advanced radiotherapy treatment planning and verification systems. bmoftah [at]
Tara Monajemi
Affiliate Member
PhD (Alberta '07)
Dose calculation for permanent prostate implants incorporating edema, megavoltage imaging tara.monajemi [at]
William Parker
Associate Member
MSc (McGill '95) 
Pediatric radiotherapy, quality assurance and dosimetric measurements of IMRT. william.parker [at]
Horacio Patrocinio
Associate Member
MSc (McGill '93)
Stereotactic radiosurgery, image-guided stereotactic body radiation therapy, motion and margin assessment in radiotherapy, image-guided brachytherapy. horacio.patrocinio [at]
Russell Ruo
Affiliate Member
MSc (McGill '95)
SRS, SBRT/SABR, IMRT, IGRT. russell.ruo [at]
Monica Serban
Affiliate Member
MSc (McGill '07)
Commissioning and validation of Eclipse electron Monte Carlo Treatment Planning System monica.serban [at]
Emilie Soisson
Assistant Professor
PhD (Wisconsin '05)
Lung SBRT, Monte Carlo Treatment Planning, Stereotactic Radiosurgery, Tomotherapy, IGRT. emilie.soisson [at]
Gabriela Stroian
Assistant Professor
PhD (Montpelier, France '01)
Monte Carlo simulations for brachytherapy, Lung cancer therapy - breathing motion management, outcome, complications, Breast cancer therapy - brachytherapy, IORT. gabriela.stroian [at]
Alasdair Syme
Assistant Professor
PhD (Alberta '04)
Radiation detection, radiation dosimetry, therapeutic response monitoring, cancer screening. alasdair.syme [at]
Jonathan Thebaut
Affiliate Member
M-Phys Resideny (McGill '11)
Monte Carlo, Orthovoltage/Superficial, IMRT/VMAT. jthebaut [at]
Nada Tomic
Medical Physicist
Residency (McGill '06)
Radiochromic film dosimetry; image guided radiotherapy.

ntomic [at]



Intérêts de recherche

Adresse courriel

Pierre Leger
Chief Engineer
BEng (École Poly)

R&D projects support for MSc and PhD students.

Four Leafs Electron Cone design for Varian high energy accelerators, Lung phantom motion controller, Irradiation beam calorimeter, Variable volume Ion chamber, Pseudo-arc MU counter for varian clinac 18, Design new interface for stereotactic radio surgery accessory and Varian clinac 18, Motorized total body irradiation sweeping beam system for Theratronics T780, High voltage monitoring system of Farmer electrometer power supply, Cobalt source elecctronic transit timer for Theratronics T780.

pierre.leger [at]



Intérêts de recherche

adresse courriel

Shirley Lehnert
PhD (London, England)

Radiobiology, tumor biology, drug delivery, functional imaging. shirley.lehnert [at]

Membres externes




Christophe Furstoss
Medical Physicist
PhD (Paris, France '03)

Clinical and research projects; Canadian Partnership for quality radiotherapy; new treatment techniques (IGRT, SRT, SBRT).

cfurstoss.hmr [at]

G. Bruce Pike
Adjunct Professor
PhD (McGill '90)

Magnetic Resonance (MR) Imaging: MRI acquisition physics, magnetization transfer theory and applications,
functional MR brain imaging , cerebral blood flow imaging, neuronal activation physiology, diffusion tensor imaging, image guided neurosurgery.
bruce.pike [at]

Richard B. Richardson
Adjunct Professor
PhD (Bristol '92)

Radiation, p53, stem cells, cancer, aging. richardr [at]

Arman Sarfehnia
Associate Member
M-Phys Residency (McGill '12)

Water calorimetry, particle therapy dosimetry, detector design and optimization, beam quality, absolute dosimetry. arman.sarfehnia [at]
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