MRI Methods Research Group

Principal investigator: Ives R. Levesque, PhD, MCCPM

From left to right: Dipal Patel, Alex Ensworth, Anastasia Kolokotronis, Ives LevesqueStella Xing, Marc-Antoine Fortin, Véronique Fortier and Zaki Ahmed


The MRI Methods Research Group develops techniques for in vivo MRI, with a primary focus on characterization of anatomy and physiology, and quantitative mapping. The ability to use reproducible scanner-independent imaging markers enables new approaches in diagnostic imaging and patient follow-up after treatment. These quantitative imaging markers can be validated against more invasive reference measures, and provide volumetric non-invasive information.

This motivates our work in developing and validating such markers, and translating them for practical use in the clinical setting. Methods of interest include relaxation and magnetization transfer (MT), diffusion (DW-MRI), perfusion with dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE-MRI) and magnetic susceptibility imaging and mapping. Currents applications include perfusion and diffusion in cancer, MT mapping in osteoarthritis, and myelin water mapping.

Our group also works with clinical medical physics to integrate practical MRI techniques in the radiation therapy (RT) process, including protocol optimization, image evaluation, and integration into planning. MRI provides non-invasive imaging of the human body with excellent soft tissue contrast, which is valuable for RT treatment planning and post-RT assessment.


Recent publications

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The MRI Methods Group receives generous financial support from the Research Institute of the MUHC, the Fonds de Recherche du Québec - Santé (FRQS), and the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC). Ives Levesque is a Chercheur Boursier FRQS.

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