Veng Jean Heng

Name: Veng Jean Heng

Level at MPU: MSc.

Email: veng.heng [at]

Supervisor(s): Dr. Jan Seuntjens

Research interests: Dose-to-Outcome Modeling, Beam modeling


Research summary

Although lung cancer patients treated with Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) have been found to have local control rates above 90%, their 5-year survival rate remains low and is even lower (<1%) for patients who develop distant metastasis outside the chest region. A recent study on lung cancer patients treated with SBRT has observed a correlation between the mean dose in regions surrounding the Planning Target Volume (PTV) and the risk of developing distant metastasis. In my work, I will perform a similar analysis on a cohort of 300 non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with the CyberKnife at the Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM). CyberKnife treatments differ from other SBRT and external radiation therapy treatments in their non-coplanarity. This difference manifests itself in the dose distributions as CyberKnife treatment beams can come from practically any angle. This study will thus provide further insight on the importance of regions surrounding the PTV by extending the previous observations to a vastly different modality. However, a large fraction of these patients had their dose distributions calculated using the treatment planning system's Ray Tracing algorithms. The latter had been shown to be inaccurate in regions of large tissue heterogeneity such as the lung. Patient dose distributions will therefore be first accurately recalculated using Monte Carlo techniques. For this purpose, a beam model of the CyberKnife will be built on the EGSnrc package. The beam model will be commissioned to agree with commissionning measurements of the CyberKnife at the CHUM.


Key publications

  1. VJ. Heng, MA. Renaud, K. Zerouali, R. Doucet, A. Diamant, H. Bahig, F. DeBlois, J. Seuntjens, "Large-scale dosimetric assessment of Monte Carlo recalculated doses for lung robotic stereotactic body radiation therapy," Physica Medica 76. 7-15. 2020. (link)
  2. A. Diamant, VJ. Heng, A. Chatterjee, S. Faria, H. Bahig, E. Filion, R. Doucet, F. Khosrow-Khavar, I. El Naqa, J. Seuntjes, "Comparing local control and distant metastasis in NSCLC patients between CyberKnife and conventional SBRT," Radiotherapy and Oncology 144. 201-208. 2020. (link)



Ervin B. Podgorsak Fellowship (2017)

Tomlinson Engagement Award for Mentoring (2015)

James McGill Entrance Scholarship (2014)

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