Stella Xing

Name: Stella Xing, MSc

Level at MPU: PhD

Email: shu.xing [at]

Supervisor(s): Dr. Ives Levesque

Research interests: Tumour microstructure imaging, Tumour habitat classification, Diffusion-weighted MRI, Multiparametric MRI


Research summary

The current gold standard for clinical tumor diagnosis and characterization is tumor pathology through invasive biopsy. However, since only a sample of tumor is obtained, the extraced cells might only partically refelct the tumor characteristics, especially in heterogeneous tumors. My research interest is to investigate tumor microstructures with non-invasive diffusion-weighted MRI. Heterogeneous tumors contain different subregions, called habitats. We are interested in developing multispectral analysis algorithms using different MR sequences to delineate various habitats including hypercellualr tumour, necrosis, proteinaceous fluid etc. In addition, we seek to further understand the tumour microenvionment by modeling cellular geometries and mapping tumour cell size and cellulariy in patients using advanced diffusion MRI sequences, such as oscillating gradient spin echo sequences.


Key publications

  1. Xing S, et al. (2018) Probabilistic Classification of Tumour Habitats in Soft Tissue Sarcoma. NMR in Biomedicine. e400 doi: 10.1002/nbm.4000
  2. Vallières, M., Serban, M., Benzyane, I., Ahmed, Z., Xing, S., El Naqa, I., ... & Freeman, C. R. (2018). Investigating the role of functional imaging in the management of soft-tissue sarcomas of the extremities. Physics and Imaging in Radiation Oncology, 6, 53-60.
  3. Xing S, et al. (2016) Modeling interactions amongst individual P2 receptros to explain complex response patterns over a wide range of ATP concentrations. Frontiers in Physiology 7.294. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2016.00294



FRQS - Bourse de formation de doctorat (2016-2019)

FRQNT - Bourses de doctorat en recherche (2016-2019, declined)

NSERC - CREATE medical physics research training netweork grant (2015-2019)

QBIN - Training course abroad award (2018)

McGill - Graduate Excellence Fellowship Travel Award (2016,2017)

MSSS - Programme de bourses en physique Medicale (2013-2015)

McGill - Graduate Excellence Award in Medical Physics (2013)

McGill - Reinhardt C Fellowships (2010-2012)

McGill - Provost's Graduate Fellowships (2010)

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