Saad Aldelaijan

Name: Saad Aldelaijan

Most recent degree: MSc

Level at MPU: PhD 4

Email: saad.aldelaijan [at]

Supervisor(s): Dr. Slobodan Devic, Dr. Louis Collins, Dr. Ivan Buzurovic, Dr. Jan Seuntjens

Research interests: Radiochromic film dosimetry, brachytherapy quality assurance, Image-guided brachytherapy

Research summary

The introduction of three dimensional (3D) imaging modalities into brachytherapy (BT) has facilitated the transition from 2D BT to 3D image-guided brachytherapy (IGBT). This in turn allowed dose escalation to tumor volumes resulting in better clinical outcomes. Specific quality assurance (QA) procedures are well defined for the use of different anatomical imaging modalities (CT, MRI, US) in external beam radiotherapy (EBRT). Protocols and QA guidelines also exist for different kinds of BT treatments. However, the introduction of image-guidance into BT process should be associated with an update to current QA protocols taking into account different uncertainties that would affect clinical outcomes. Advanced QA methodologies are required for the use of different machines (imaging and BT) at different phases of the treatment process. Favorably, radiochromic film (RCF) dosimetry offers a high resolution 2D solution that can be applied at different stages in the BT process. The overall objective of this research is to develop a novel approach in quality assurance of image-guided brachytherapy using radiochromic film dosimetry. This includes QA of devices, sources, treatment plans and in-vivo dosimetry. 

Key publications

2020 Aldelaijan S, Devic S, Bekerat H, Papaconstadopoulos P, Schneider J, Seuntjens J, Cormack RA and Buzurovic IM “Positional and angular tracking of HDR 192Ir source for brachytherapy quality assurance using radiochromic film dosimetry,” Med Phys. doi:10.1002/mp.14540.

2020 Moftah B, Aldelaijan S, Shehadeh M, Alzorkany F, Alrumayan F, Alsbeih G, Alshabanah M, Seuntjens J, Tomic N and Devic S “Calibration of MTT assay in proton beams using radiochromic films,” Phys Med. 77;146-163.

2020 Albert S, Brivio D, Aldelaijan S, Sajo E, Hesser J and Zygmanski P “Towards customizable thin-panel low-Z detector arrays: electrode design for increased spatial resolution ion chamber arrays,” Phys Med Biol. 65(8):08NT02.

2019 Aldelaijan S, Devic S, Papaconstadopoulos P, Bekerat H, Cormack RA, Seuntjens J and Buzurovic IM “Dose-response linearization in radiochromic film dosimetry based on multichannel normalized pixel value with an integrated spectral correction for scanner response variations,” Med Phys. 46(11):5336-5349.

2019 Devic S, Aldelaijan S and Bekerat H “Impact of inertia on possible fundamental drawbacks in radiochromic film dosimetry,” Phys Med. 66:133-134.

2019 Devic S, Liang L, Tomic N, Bekerat H, Morcos M, Popovic M, Watson P, Aldelaijan S and Seuntjens J “Dose measurements nearby low energy electronic brachytherapy sources using radiochromic film,” Phys Med. 64:40-44.

2019 Papaconstadopoulos P, Levesque IR, Aldelaijan S, O'Grady K, Devic S and Seuntjens J “Modeling the primary source intensity distribution: reconstruction and inter-comparison of six Varian TrueBeam sources,” Phys Med Biol. 64(13):135005.

2019 Tomic N, Papaconstadopoulos P, Bekerat H, Antunovic G, Aldelaijan S, Seuntjens J, and Devic S “Monte Carlo simulations of different CT X-ray energy spectra within CTDI phantom and the influence of its changes on radiochromic film measurements,” Phys Med. 62:105-110.

2018 Aldelaijan S and Devic S. “Comparison of dose response functions for EBT3 model GafChromic™ film dosimetry system,” Phys Med. 49:112-118.

2018 Aldelaijan S, Tomic N, Papaconstadopoulos P, Schneider J, Seuntjens J, Shih S, Lewis D and Devic S “Technical Note: Response time evolution of XR-QA2 GafChromic™ film models,” Med Phys. 45(1):488-492.

2018 Tomic N, Papaconstadopoulos P, Aldelaijan S, Rajala J, Seuntjens J and Devic S “Image quality for radiotherapy CT simulators with different scanner bore size,” Phys Med. 45:65-71.

2018 Liang LH, Tomic N, Vuong T, Aldelaijan S, Bekerat H, DeBlois F, Seuntjens J and Devic S “Physics aspects of the Papillon technique-Five decades later,” Brachytherapy. 17(1):234-243.

2017 S. Aldelaijan, H. Bekerat, I. Buzurovic, P. Devlin, F. DeBlois, J. Seuntjens, S. Devic “Dose comparison between TG-43 based calculations and radiochromic film measurements of the Freiburg flap applicator used for high-dose-rate brachytherapy treatments of skin lesions.” Brachytherapy 16 (5), 1065-1072

2017 S. Aldelaijan, S. Wadi-Ramahi, A. Nobah, B. Moftah, S. Devic, N. Jastaniyah. “Commissioning of applicator-guided SBRT boost with HDR Brachytherapy for Advanced Cervical Cancer.” 16(4), 893-902

2016 Devic, Slobodan, Huriyyah Mohammed, Nada Tomic, Saad Aldelaijan, François De Blois, Jan Seuntjens, Shirley Lehnert, and Sergio Faria. "FDG-PET Based Differential Uptake Volume Histograms: A Possible Approach Towards Definition of Biological Target Volumes." The British Journal of Radiology, 20150388

2015 Saad Aldelaijan, Faisal Alzorkany, Belal Moftah, Ivan Buzurovic, Jan Seuntjens, Nada Tomic, Slobodan Devic, “Use of a control film piece in radiochromic film dosimetry,” Physica Medica: European Journal of Medical Physics 32(1) 202-7

2015 S. Asgharizadeh, H. Bekerat, A. Syme, S. Aldelaijan, F. DeBlois, T. Vuong, M. Evans, J.Seuntjens, S. Devic, “Radiochromic film-based quality assurance for CT-based high-dose-rate brachytherapy,” Brachytherapy, 14(4) 578-85

2014 A. Nobah, S. Aldelaijan, S. Devic, N. Tomic, J. Seuntjens, M. Al-Shabanah, B. Moftah, “Radiochromic film based dosimetry of image-guidance procedures on different radiotherapy modalities,” Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics 15(6)

2014 N. Tomic, C. Quintero, B. R. Whiting, S. Aldelaijan, H. Bekerat, L. Liang, F. DeBlois, J. Seuntjens, and S. Devic. "Characterization of calibration curves and energy dependence GafChromicTM XR-QA2 model based radiochromic film dosimetry system," Med. Phys. 41(6) 062105

2013 Aldelaijan S, Nobah A, Alsbeih G, Moftah B, Aldahlawi I, Alzahrany A, Tomic N and Devic S “Dosimetry of biological irradiations using radiochromic films Phys. Med. Biol. 58, 3177-89

2012 S. Devic, N. Tomic, S. Aldelaijan, F. DeBlois, J. Seuntjens, M. Chan, D. Lewis, “Linearization of dose-response curve of the radiochromic film dosimetry system,” Med. Phys. 39 (8), 4850-4857

2011 S. Aldelaijan, H. Mohammed, N. Tomic, L. Liang, F. DeBlois, A. Sarfehnia, W. Abdel-Rahman, J. Seuntjens, S. Devic, “Radiochromic film dosimetry of HDR 192Ir source radiation fields,” Med. Phys. 38 , 6074-6083

2010 S. Aldelaijan, S. Devic, H. Mohammed, N. Tomic, L. Liang, F. DeBlois, J. Seuntjens “Evaluation of EBT-2 Model GAFCHROMICTM Film Performance in Water,” Med. Phys. 37, 3687-3693

2010 S. Devic, S. Aldelaijan, H. Mohammed, N. Tomic, L. Liang, F. DeBlois, J. Seuntjens, “Absorption spectra time evolution of EBT-2 model GAFCHROMICTM film,” Med. Phys. 37, 2207


Higher Education Scholarship (Ph.D.) from KFSH&RC - 2016

CREATE / Medical Physics Research Training Network Program (MPRTN) - 2016

Higher Education Scholarship (M.Sc.) from SFDA - 2008


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