Esteban Sepulveda

Name: Esteban Sepulveda, MSc

Level at MPU: MSc student

Email: esteban.sepulveda [at]

Supervisors: John Kildea

Research interests: Radiation oncology, Pediatric oncology, Radiation chemistry

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Research summary

Craniospinal irradiation is a challenging and infrequent type of treatment for patients with malignancies in the brain with a significant high possibility of metastasis throughout the spinal cord such as medulloblastomas. Due to the infrequent number of patients with this pathology, in addition to the difficulty of prioritizing dose constraints to target and organs at risk (OAR), planners and physicians regularly refer to previously-treated plans for guidance. The ad hoc manner of planning new patients receiving craniospinal irradiation can be greatly improved by implementing a dose-volume histogram (DVH) registry able to manipulate previous patient data to provide updated constraints regarding organs at risk.


Key publications

Esteban Sepulveda, Sunuchakan Sanguanmith, Jintana Meesungnoen, Jean-Paul Jay-Gerin; Evaluation of the radioprotective efficiency of cystamine by Fricke dosimeter as a function of radiation quality, using Monte Carlo simulations., Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 2019, 97(2): 100-111. 



McGill University - Graduate Excellence Fellowship

McGill University - Differential Fee Waivers for International Students

University of Sherbrooke - Differential Fee Waivers for International Students

National Autonomous University of Mexico - Graduate Excellence Fellowship Award

National University of Colombia - Tuition fee exemption

Graduate Excellence Fellowship Award by EPM, Colombia


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