The Faculty Development Office opened in the fall of 1994 with the goal of promoting excellence in teaching and learning, leadership and management, and research in the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University.

The activities offered by the Faculty Development Office assist faculty members in their roles as educators, researchers, and administrators, using a broad range of methods to achieve faculty goals.

Faculty Development endeavors are coordinated by members of the Faculty Development Team who work together closely with the Associate Deans for Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Continuing Medical Education, as well as departmental chairs, divisional directors, program directors and directors of the schools.

The Faculty Development Office also works in close collaboration with the core faculty and members of the Centre for Medical Education to ensure that research in medical education informs the decisions made in undertaking, designing and implementing faculty development activities. In turn, the Faculty Development Office, through its regular needs assessments, research projects and ongoing contact with faculty members, informs the research projects of the Centre for Medical Education.
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