TEMPLATE - Reflective Tool - MOC Section 3 Self-Assessment Program (SAP) 

Self-Assessment is an opportunity for participants to evaluate an area of their practice, across a variety of CanMEDS Roles that may require improvement. This type of self-assessment is not only for clinical setting and skills, but can be completed for all practice settings (e.g. clinical, academic, administrative, etc.).

The specific feedback report detailing which answers were correct and incorrect you received from the activity organizers will help you to identify future learning required and will assist with the planning for continuous improvement opportunities.

Sample Reflection Questions

  1. In what aspect(s) of the activity did you perform well?
  2. What aspect(s) are recommended for improvement?
  3. What specific actions (including additional CPD) are you planning to complete to respond to the feedback you received?
  4. What pleased you from the data and feedback you received?
  5. What challenges, if any, do you anticipate in implementing these plans for improvement?
  6. What measures would enable you determine if the planned changes are successful?

Use your reflections on these (or other similar questions) to record the outcomes on the feedback you received from a peer, colleague or health professional.

For additional information, visit the RCPSC web site.

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