Strategic Research Plan

Excellence in health sciences research

The educational mission of the Faculties of Medicine & Health Sciences and Dentistry is reinforced by a broad, dynamic and highly successful research enterprise that extends from fundamental molecular and cellular biology, to computational biology, to public and population health, to clinical research at the bedside and in the community. Research activity in the two Faculties represents more than 60% of McGill University’s total research, and embodies a rich history of accomplishments. The new Strategic Research Plan (SRP), developed jointly by Medicine and Dentistry, builds on current areas of excellence and resources and considers the expected health needs in the coming years to help guide future efforts.

The SRP positions the faculties to stimulate innovation and attract funding, while training the next generation of health science researchers. It puts a renewed focus on translating knowledge from basic research into improved clinical practice and better health outcomes. It does this by establishing a research framework with three distinct perspectives: Disease Areas, Strategic Priorities, and Implementation Strategies.

The SRP is the outcome of a complex process, extensive consultation with the faculties and the university, and validation from leading international experts. It reflects the range of current perspectives within McGill’s health science community. However, a plan like this is never final. The world of health science research is constantly evolving, which requires that annual reviews be conducted to incorporate new input that is submitted and to stay abreast of research opportunities as they emerge. 

Strategic Research Plan 2017

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