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NATURE | How warp-speed evolution is transforming ecology

Even for the most common processes, such as changes in population size or food chains, ecologists must take evolution into consideration, researchers say. “Everybody realized rapid evolution was occurring everywhere,” says evolutionary ecologist Andrew Hendry of McGill University.


Published: 31 Jan 2018

NTY | Report slams Airbnb in NYC for raising cost of housing 

A report from critics of Airbnb says the vacation rental website is driving up rental prices and reducing housing availability in New York City. The analysis published Monday comes from researcher [David Wachsmuth] at McGill University in Montreal.

New York Times

Published: 30 Jan 2018

LA PRESSE | Le lait de soya, le meilleur des laits végétaux

Parmi les laits végétaux, le lait de soya est le meilleur sur le plan nutritionnel, a déterminé une équipe de chercheurs de l'Université McGill.

La Presse

Published: 30 Jan 2018

THE GAZETTE | Soy milk the best plant-based dairy drink: McGill Study

Among plant-based milks, soy milk is the best nutritionally, according to a team of researchers at McGill University. Faced with the ever-growing popularity of these plant-based dairy drinks, and in the face of increasingly diversified offering on grocery-store shelves, the researchers have sorted out the list.

The Gazette

Published: 30 Jan 2018

NYT | Report slams Airbnb in NYC for raising cost of housing

A report from critics of Airbnb says the vacation rental website is driving up rental prices and reducing housing availability in New York City. The analysis published Monday comes from a researcher at McGill University in Montreal and was commissioned by the Hotel Trades Council, a union of hotel workers...

More at: New York Times

Published: 30 Jan 2018

Living on Mars: New, miniature device is able to detect life and sequence DNA

NEWSWEEK | Researchers from McGill University in Canada used three different devices to detect life in the Canadian High Arctic. One of the devices detects changes in color when nutrient sources were altered by microbes and another gadget assessed microbial colonization, according to Air & Space Magazine....

Published: 29 Jan 2018

100 Years Ago: 'In Flanders Fields' poet John McCrae dies

The Canadian doctor, soldier and poet who wrote 'In Flanders Fields' died on 28 January 1918 after falling ill in France. Author Chris Dickon reflects on  Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae's life and legacy.

Centenary News



Published: 27 Jan 2018

C&En MAGAZINE | Shaking up gold and palladium

Mechanochemical method developed by Tomislav Friščić and team makes noble metal compounds without solvents or harsh reagents 

C&En Magazine


Published: 24 Jan 2018

BLOOMBERG | Scientists Don't Fear a New Crispr Snag

I talked this over with McGill University medical ethicist Jonathan Kimmelman, who specializes in the risks of medical experiments and has written a book about them centered on the Jesse Gelsinger case. Of course, he says, money isn’t the only thing that might prevent medical researchers from being perfectly objective -- there’s the desire to be heroes, to beat rivals, and to help patients....

Published: 23 Jan 2018

NEWSWEEK | Distant 'Hot Jupiter' planet Corot-28 has strange winds that astronomers can't explain

“We’ve previously studied nine other hot Jupiter, giant planets orbiting super close to their star. In every case, they have had winds blowing to the east, as theory would predict,” said Nicolas Cowan, McGill University astronomer, in a press release. “But now, nature has thrown us a curveball.”Newsweek

Published: 23 Jan 2018

STAT News | How well can you predict the outcome of clinical trials? Not as well as you may think

In unpublished research, McGill bioethicist Jonathan Kimmelman and colleagues asked cancer experts to forecast the probability of more than a dozen clinical trials hitting their primary endpoint. They found that the predictions overall were not very accurate, and if anything were too pessimistic. Stat News  

Published: 22 Jan 2018

NEW SCIENTIST | New CRISPR method could take gene editing to the next level

The CRISPR genome-editing method may just have become even more powerful. Uri David Akavia’s team at McGill University in Canada has managed to repair mutations in 90 per cent of target cells using CRISPR – the best success rate yet. New Scientist  

Published: 22 Jan 2018

The Power of Suggestion - Mind Field, featuring Assistant Professor Samuel Veissière, PhD and Jay Olson, PhD Candidate

A new experiment on the healing power of suggestion and placebo neuroscience by Prof Samuel Veissière, PhD and Jay Olson, MSc (Department of Psychiatry) is featured in Season 2 of the popular science series Mind Field.

To watch the trailer, visit:

The full video can be purchased through the trailer.

Published: 21 Dec 2017

A non-invasive method to detect Alzheimer’s disease

Volume in brain region linked to physiological changes characteristic of AD

New research has drawn a link between changes in the brain’s anatomy and biomarkers that are known to appear at the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), findings that could one day provide a sensitive but non-invasive test for AD before cognitive symptoms appear.

Published: 19 Dec 2017

Recording of 2017 Departmental Day - Cannabis in Canada: What do we know? What can we expect?

To watch this year's 2017 Departmental Day on Cannabis in Canada: What do we know? What can we expect? please visit:

Published: 6 Dec 2017