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Cancer probe chosen for top science discovery

2017 Québec Science Discovery of the Year Award goes to the cancer-detection probe developed by Kevin Petrecca and Frédéric Leblond

Québec Science magazine’s 25-year tradition continues: every fall, a jury comprised of researchers and journalists selects the top 10 most impressive discoveries in Quebec in the past year and the public is asked to vote to select the winner....

Published: 19 Mar 2018

IRISH NEWS | Bright birds share human intelligence trait

Lead researcher Jean-Nicolas Audet, from McGill University in Canada, said: “By comparing an extremely innovative species like the Barbados bullfinch with a closely related conservative one like the black-faced grassquit, we gain insight into the evolutionary mechanisms that can lead to divergence in behaviour.

Irish News

Published: 15 Mar 2018

DEVOIR | Stephen Hawking, l’héritage d’un géant

Robert Brandenberger, professeur de physique à l’Université McGill, qui l’a connu personnellement alors qu’il était stagiaire postdoctoral dans son équipe de 1985 à 1987, le confirme. « Il était très inspirant comme personne. Il était habité par la joie de vivre. Il aimait les gens, les étudiants. Il ne s’intéressait pas seulement au travail des étudiants, mais aussi à la vie quotidienne....

Published: 15 Mar 2018

GLOBAL | McGill24 raises funds for refugee students 

Find out about the McGill24 fundraiser for refugee students wishing to study at the university. McGill24 spokesperson Jenny Aboue Youn El Soud and alumni ambassador Gemma Peralta join Global’s Laura Casella to talk about the event.

Global News

Published: 15 Mar 2018

NYT | Malaysian insta-city becomes a flash point for Chinese colonialism — and capital flight

Off the southern coast of Malaysia, a futuristic city is rising from the sea… In the last two decades, more than 100 new cities have been (or are being) created from scratch, according to Sarah Moser, an assistant professor of geography at Montreal’s McGill University, where she runs a research lab that tracks new cities. These recent additions to the map tend to arise in developing countries like Morocco, Nigeria, Uganda, Myanmar and Indonesia.

Published: 13 Mar 2018

CJAD | Concordia and McGill students sleep outside to help the homeless

University students across Canada are giving up their creature comforts and basic necessities for five days to raise money and awareness for the homeless. The universities are looking to raise more than $20,000 (combined) for Dans La Rue and Chez Doris, which support homeless and at-risk youths and women respectively.


Published: 13 Mar 2018

HINDU | Labs team up to make TB, HIV tests affordable

Madhukar Pai, Director of McGill Global Health Programs at Canada's McGill University, explains that patients rarely present with a single problem, so diagnostic labs need to offer a variety of tests to enable disease diagnosis and management.

The Hindu

Published: 13 Mar 2018

GAZETTE | McGill library offers peek inside Jean Drapeau’s mind

Citizens can now pore over the late mayor’s personal copy of the Malouf report that draws conclusions about the 1976 Montreal Olympics fiasco.

The Gazette

Published: 13 Mar 2018

THE | International Women’s Day: Top 10 universities led by women

Only 34 of the top 200 universities in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings are run by women… #9. McGill University: Suzanne Fortier

Published: 12 Mar 2018

VPR | Québec's legal maple syrup cartel dictates prices for Vermont maple producers

“The system that's in place, the supply management system, is good for Québec producers and U.S. producers because it guarantees good prices and that allowed U.S. producers to actually expand rapidly in the last few years,” explains Pascal Thériault, an economist at McGill University's Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in Montréal.

Published: 12 Mar 2018

GAZETTE | Brownstein: A little sorcery works its way into the science lab

Jay Olson, a magician currently completing his PhD in psychiatry at McGill University, has taken this experiment one step further. He has put people inside an MRI machine and convinced them that it can read their minds. So much so that he gets them to come up with the same prescribed number — between 10 to 99 — that he has jotted down before the experiment. Great, except that the MRI machine is not on. It merely serves as a gigantic placebo.

Published: 12 Mar 2018

LE SOLEIL | Le pot au volant, moins dangereux que l’alcool?

Professeur au département de psychiatrie de l’Université McGill, le Dr Thomas Brown dirige une équipe de recherche transdisciplinaire sur la conduite avec les facultés affaiblies à l’Institut universitaire en santé mentale Douglas, à Montréal. Avec la légalisation du cannabis qui s’en vient, il a récemment mené une revue de la littérature scientifique sur la marijuana au volant. 

Published: 12 Mar 2018

LA PRESSE | Brenda Milner : Infatigable fouineuse

Brenda Milner pousse avec appréhension la porte du bureau qu’elle occupe depuis des décennies aux Institut et hôpital neurologiques de Montréal, à l’Université McGill. Son adjointe l’a prévenue que les lieux avaient été repeints pendant le week-end et que du ménage avait dû y être fait.

La Presse

Published: 12 Mar 2018

Domingo Sarmiento Distinction awarded to Dr. Morales

Congratulations to Dr. Carlos Morales, who has been awarded the prestigious Domingo Sarmiento Distinction by the Senate of Argentina for his contributions to medical science.

Published: 9 Mar 2018

Neuro XXceptional: Celebrating exceptional women

Women scientists and clinicians are creators and changemakers, expanding the boundaries of human knowledge


The Neuro has launched Neuro XXceptional - an exciting new year-long video series featuring women who tell us what drove them to become scientists and clinicians, and what they love about their work. At The Neuro, these exceptional professionals are improving the lives of patients, helping us understand how the brain works and how to treat neurological disease.

Published: 8 Mar 2018