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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. An 8-week program offered to adults who live with chronic illness/stress and/or are health care professionals who care for people with health problems

15 Oct 2020 16:00
3 Dec 2020 18:00

You will learn how to work effectively with stress, be it related to illness or working within the health care system.  By participating with others, engaged in similar challenges, you can bring to bear in your life both the uniting force of community and the solace and power of your own inner strength. In this way, you can actively encourage the healing process.

McGill Cares Webcast: Dementia Care around the World

25 Nov 2020 12:00

Join us on November 25 at noon for the next webcast in our weekly series, McGill Cares, designed to support informal caregivers.

McGill Regenerative Medicine (MRM) webinar series

25 Nov 2020 13:00

The MRM Network presents the 2020 MRM Talks. In November, join us every Wednesday to discover the landscape of regenerative medicine at McGill.




The ethics of translating cell and gene therapies to the clinic

Me. Erika Kleiderman Academic Associate  Centre of Genomics and Policy

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Stephen C. Harrison, Ph.D. / Zoom Seminar Title: "Kinetochore structure"

25 Nov 2020 16:00

Hosted by the Dept. of BiochemistryMandatory for Biochemistry Graduate StudentsStephen C. Harrison, Ph.D. Professor Laboratory of Structural Cell Biology Harvard Medical School / Howard Hughes Medical Institute Boston, MA

"COVID & More" with Guest Prof. Jonathan Kimmelman

26 Nov 2020 12:00

On this week's "COVID & More" the OSS welcomes Professor Jonathan Kimmelman, Interim Director of the Biomedical Ethics Unit in the School of Population and Global Health at McGill University. The ethics of vaccine development and the timeframe of vaccine deployment, as well as drug development and risk, will be some of the topics discussed.

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iPSC Seminars: Early Drug Discovery Unit (EDDU) (Virtual)

26 Nov 2020 16:00

The iPSC Seminar Series at The Neuro

Supported by Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives and STEMCELL Technologies, The Neuro’s iPSC Seminar Series welcomes trainees and senior scientists working with induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to present their cutting-edge research. The Seminar Series intends to foster collaborations within the network of laboratories working with iPSCs in Montreal, Canada and around the world.

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Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic for Nutrition in African Settings

2 Dec 2020 12:00

McGill Global Health Programs (GHP) is pleased to partner with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and Amref Health Africa for a panel that will explore the impact of the current pandemic on nutrition and community-based nutrition programming and partnerships in African settings. Moderated by Holly Piepenburg, Outreach Coordinator at the Pulitzer Center the panel will include:

McGill Cares: Caregiving and the Risk of Older Adult Mistreatment

2 Dec 2020 12:00

Join us on December 2 at noon for the next webcast in our weekly series, McGill Cares, designed to support informal caregivers. During candid, 30-minute interviews with leading experts, Claire Webster, Alzheimer Care Consultant and Founder of the McGill Dementia Education Program, will explore topics related to caring for a loved one with dementia.

Research Seminar Series: Re-Thinking e-Health in Times of COVID

4 Dec 2020 12:30

When: Friday, December 4, from 12:30 to 1:30 pm.

Subject: Re-Thinking e-Health in Times of COVID

Presented by: Dr. Bertrand Lebouché, Yuanchao Ma, Dr. Dominic Chu, Dr. David Lessard & Dr. Adriana Rodriguez-Cruz

*No need for registration*

Wilder Penfield Lecture at The Neuro: From the genetic dissection of auditory cellular and molecular mechanisms to hearing restoration (Virtual Lecture)

7 Dec 2020 11:00


The Penfield Lecture was inaugurated in 1985 to honour Wilder Penfield, pioneering neurosurgeon and founder of The Neuro.




Speaker: Christine Petit

Professor, College de France, Chair of Genetics and Cellular Physiology

Professor “Classe exceptionnelle”, Institut Pasteur, laboratory of Genetics and Physiology of Hearing

Brain Tumour Research Seminar Series: The role of brain tumour cell lines in Parkinson’s disease research: insights into Cancer and Neurodegeneration (Virtual)

9 Dec 2020 16:30


Speaker: Armin Bayati, McPherson Lab

The Brain Tumour Research Seminar Series (BTRSS) is a monthly seminar series for trainees in the field of brain tumour research, including undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and medical residents in the field of neuroscience.

The series aims to:

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