Herbert Jasper Lecture


Montreal Neurological Institute and HospitalJeanne Timmins Amphitheatre (accessible via 2nd floor), 3801 University Street, H3A 2B4The Herbert Jasper lecture will be delivered by Richard L....

Lack of joy from music linked to brain disconnection

Published: 4Jan2017

Have you ever met someone who just wasn’t into music? They may have a condition called specific musical anhedonia, which affects three-to-five per cent of the population....

Olfactory perception influenced by background and semantic information

Published: 21Nov2016

When two people smell the same thing, they can have remarkably different reactions, depending on their cultural background. Researchers at the Neuro have found that even when two cultures share the...

Hyperacute Stroke Symposium and Workshop


Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospitalde Grandpre Communications Centre, 3801 University Street, H3A 2B4The Symposium on Hyperacute Stroke: Diagnosis and Management will take place at the...