CTV NEWS | McGill University researchers discover way to fight brain tumours' resistance to therapy

Published: 20Aug2020

New findings out of McGill University in Montreal have revealed a potential way to overcome aggressive brain tumours' resistance to therapy: by deleting a specific gene. Researchers have long been...

Genome Canada: Quebec Wins Big

Published: 1May2013

Researchers from Quebec are big winners in a contest organized by Genome Canada in collaboration with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) after having been awarded 60% of the federal...

McGill Cardiovascular Research Day Keynote Lecture


McGill Cardiovascular Research Day Keynote Lecture Thursday, May 30, 2013 From 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.Centre Mont-Royal, 2200 MansfieldRegistration is required. Centre Mont Royal, 2200 Rue...

Investment In a Quebec Public-Private Partnership to Support the Use of Personalized Medicine Solutions in the Treatment of Cancer Patients

Published: 21Feb2013

The Government of Québec announced today a $10 million investment in the Personalized Medicine Partnership for Cancer (PMPC). This public-private partnership will be focused on establishing an...

Sigma Chi at McGill Presents: The Jack Layton Winter Ball


The Gamma Lambda Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity Presents: The Jack Layton Winter BallAn event honouring the legacy of our most prestigious almnusCentre Mont Royal, 2200 Rue Mansfield...

Study shows majority of smokers re-ignite their habit following heart attack

Published: 29Jan2013

Despite obvious motivation for quitting, 2/3 of patients will resume smoking within twelve months

Addiction: abnormal communication in the brain

Published: 29Jan2013

Addiction to cigarettes, drugs and other stimulants has been linked in the past to the brain’s frontal lobes, but now there is scientific evidence that indicates where in the frontal cortex...


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