OSS 20th Anniversary Event: Talking Science in the Age of Fake News


Please join us the McGill Office for Science and Society (OSS) in marking their 20th anniversary!/ossCategory: Alumni Public outreach Faculty of Medicine Public lectures Office for Science and Society

MONTREAL GAZETTE | Charles Taylor calls CAQ's religious symbols bill 'clear discrimination'

Published: 3Apr2019

The Quebec government’s new secularism bill is “clear discrimination,” an “unreasonable restriction,” and an unneeded answer to a problem that doesn’t exist....

Using laser light to study how epilepsy arises in the healthy brain

Published: 27Mar2019

Scientists at McGill University have developed a new method to study how seizures arise in the healthy brain. Using laser light guided through ultra-thin optic fibers in the brain of rodents, the...

MONTREAL GAZETTE | E is for ethics in AI — and Montreal's playing a leading role

Published: 2Apr2019

Another example is the “dodgy and problematic” use of AI for facial recognition in job interviews, said Gabriella Coleman, a McGill professor who holds the Wolfe Chair in Scientific and...

Pourquoi nos enfants-rois font des étudiants si fragiles par Dr Veissiere

Published: 1Apr2019

Phénomène très visible en Amérique, la fragilité des étudiants se dessine peu à peu en France et se propage au-delà des campus.  Revendications identitaires extrêmes, outrage moral, demandes d...

Student-led events aim to raise awareness of speech-language pathology issues

Published: 1Apr2019

Students from the McGill University Faculty of Medicine’s School of Communication Sciences and Disorders (SCSD) have once again been busy organizing a series of events for spring 2019. Working...