CBC | How Montreal is preparing for the 'scooter-pocalypse'

Published: 4Jul2019

The sudden appearance of e-scooters in a city is a phenomenon McGill University geography Prof. Grant McKenzie half-jokingly refers to as the "scooter-pocalypse." McKenzie says Montrealers tend to...

NEWSY | Memories shape brain development⏤ forgetting regulates that process

Published: 4Jul2019

We get bombarded with endless information, so the brain has to be selective, tossing out a memory unless it's told, "This one's important, keep it!" To be clear, we're not talking about disease or...

PURPLE MUSEUM | The benefits of boredom

Published: 2Jul2019

Daniel Levitin, a behavioral neuroscientist at McGill University, said that when people try to pay attention, they tend to pay attention to several different things at once. These interrupted...

FINANCIAL POST | Cracks in the sidewalk: How will experimental city-building techniques fare in the real world?

Published: 2Jul2019

Experts are skeptical about how all the experimental city-building techniques will fare in the real world, and they wonder what the consequences will be if one or more of the new technologies doesn...

GLOBAL NEWS | Commentary: Why doctors argue ‘carbon pricing’ can ‘cure’ climate change

Published: 2Jul2019

According to McGill's Christopher Ragan, for doctors across Canada, the evidence at the bedside is increasingly hard to ignore: climate change poses a serious health risk.

Researchers unlock mysteries of complex microRNA oncogenes

Published: 27Jun2019

New research led by McGill’s Goodman Cancer Research Centre improves our understanding of microRNAs