14th Annual CAGPO Conference


Annual Canadian Association of General Practitioners in Oncology (CAGPO) Conference Hotel Omni Mont-Royal 1050, Sherbrooke Street West Montreal/medicineCategory: Medicine Research

Brains are more plastic than we thought

Published: 19Jul2017

Researchers train brains to use different regions for same task...

You (probably) don’t need to worry about the chemicals in your macaroni and cheese

Published: 19Jul2017

“Those worried about the ridiculously low levels of ‘chemicals’ in this product should spend their energy encouraging people to eat more fruits and veggies.” Joe Schwarcz, a chemist at McGill...

McGill entrepreneurship program gets $2-million donation

Published: 18Jul2017

A McGill University program aimed at helpings students get businesses off the ground has received a $2-million donation from the foundation that helped launch the university’s first...

Charting literary greatness with Jane Austen

Published: 17Jul2017

TxtLAB, at McGill University, had mapped her novels along with those of other female 19th-century novelists “on a sliding scale of sociability vs. interiority.” Read more: New York Times

2nd International Congress on Whole Person Care


Transforming the Healthcare MandateEnlightened Education, Relationship, Resilience

McGill grad Julie Payette to be named Canada's next Governor General

Published: 13Jul2017

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will appoint former astronaut Julie Payette as Canada’s next governor-general, picking the prominent Quebecker for the high-profile position rather than a number of...

Appointment of Dr. Kevin Lachapelle as Interim Director of the Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning

Published: 13Jul2017

Dr. Kevin Lachapelle has been appointed Interim Director of the Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University, effective July 1, 2017.  He...

Are generational stereotypes ever true? Millennials and beyond

Published: 12Jul2017

Are generational stereotypes ever true? A Millennial and a Baby Boomer discuss intergenerational prejudice and dialogue Interview with Professor Karl Moore.  Read more: Mind This Magazine

What would Rorschach tell you about you?

Published: 11Jul2017

“For me, what was really interesting is the way that these tests offer people a language of the self – a vocabulary or an idiom for talking about who they are and what they want, and what kinds of...