Andrew F. Holmes Dean of Medicine Lectures


Monday May 27, 2019

Dr. Alfred Sommer
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Dr. John E. Wennberg

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Dr. Antoine Hakim

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Dr. Atul Gawande

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The Andrew F. Holmes Dean of Medicine Distinction Lectures (Holmes Lectures) is a program based on the original Foundations of Medical Science Series. The Holmes Lectures attracts outstanding leaders in research, education and health care from around the globe. Up to two lectures are held yearly. These lectures, together with associated events scheduled around the visiting speaker, function as fora for the exchange of ideas, bringing together individuals from a cross-section of disciplines and backgrounds.

The Dean’s Office is excited to partner and collaborate with Departments, Schools and Centres within the Faculty of Medicine to bring distinguished speakers to McGill. The Departmental representative(s) work with deanery units, such as the Dean’s Secretariat, Communications and Special Events, to establish the framework for the invitee. A committee composed of members from the Faculty of Medicine oversees requests for those who would like to partner under the Holmes Lecture series.