Checklist for appointment

This information on the Academic Personnel Office website illustrates the various steps to follow in order to process an academic appointment. Administrative staff and candidates are encouraged to use diligence in ensuring that all the steps have been followed prior to appointee's arrival at McGill.

Before submitting an appointment form, please see our Recruitment section with all necessary steps and information regarding supporting documentation.


Appointment process is available through Minerva web-based appointment application.

These functions are available through Minerva Human Resources Appointment Processing Menu:

  • New hires, Re-hires
  • Additional appointments, Re-appointments
  • Transfers and Promotions
  • Salary, Maintain and FOAPAL
  • Temporary Promotion and Temporary Assignment
  • Going and/or Return from Leave

How the application process works:

  1. The originator uses the application to create the new employee and their job record. The employee is created in Banner immediately while their appointment information is held within the web application until approved.
  2. Once the new employee is created in Banner they will receive their McGill ID number and a Minerva PIN. The ID and PIN will be sent to the employee automatically via external personal email (if it was entered in Minerva by the originator). Upon receipt of this e mail the new hire can complete or correct their personal data using Minerva personal menu.
  3. In the meantime, the job record remains in the application until it is reviewed by the approver in the Academic Affairs office, Faculty of Medicine and by Academic Personnel Office (Academic positions). The approver is prompted to go into the application and review the records waiting. They can approve the record, hold it for missing information or request that it be modified. If they ask for a modification the record returns to the originator for action.
  4. Once the job record is approved, it goes into Banner but will not be paid. The Human Resources Records area will review the record and add deductions and benefits (if applicable). Once they are finished, the job record is set up to be paid and the application records it as complete.
  5. This application not only supports the creation and approval of the forms but it also allows other users to use MINERVA to view the status of the records as long as they have security clearance to do so. They can see what stage the appointment is at, who has it and what actions have been taken.
  6. While all this is taking place, the new employee can begin using Minerva and WEBCT. On the first day of their appointment, they can also get their ID card in HR Records department and McGill email address without waiting for a pay stub.

Tenure-Track Academics - Communication of Performance Expectations

Within 60 days of appointment, the Department needs to send the new tenure-track academic staff member the Guidelines_for_Reappointment_of_Tenure_Track_Faculty.pdf to communicate performance expectations. It is important to save proof that these have been sent to the acadmic.