52 - Small Intestine: Typhoid fever

Enlarge      Descriptive Card     Log Book Entry (blank)

Rodin Number: 47
E Number: 1886
Donor: Osler
Date: unknown
Size (H x W cm): 21 x 8

The specimen consists of a 20 cm length of small bowel with several elongated ulcers (arrows), consistent with acute typhoid infection.


Rodin speculates that this particular specimen may be one of those presented in Osler's graduation thesis of 1872. In support of this is Abbott's statement in 1927 that "some (specimens of) typhoid fever (from his graduation thesis) are preserved in the Museum collection today."* In this article Abbott refers specifically to specimen E1885; however, the corresponding log book number is blank.  To complicate matters, the descriptive card indicates that the E number for this specimen is 1886; however, the log book entry for this number refers to a kidney.  Thus, conclusive corroborative evidence that this is in fact one of Osler's thesis specimens is lacking.

* Abbott M. The pathological collections of the late Sir William Osler at McGill University.  IAMM Bulletin IX,1926: p 191.




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