42 - Stomach: Hairball

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Rodin Number: 49
E Number: none
Donor: Osler
Date: unknown
Size (H x W cm): 23.5 x 25

The specimen consists of a mass of hair roughly in the shape of a stomach. The small wisp at the top left was in the lower esophagus.


Clinical details are not available; however, the descriptive card indicates that the specimen was an incidental finding in an insane woman. As might be expected, the specimen was the best "known" of the collection when it was on public display in the McGill Pathological Institute from 1963 to 2002; many individuals − from professionals such as medical students and physicians to the medically unsophisticated such as building cleaners and couriers − were aware of its presence and commented on its absence when the display was dismounted. Rodin states that Osler referred to the specimen in the 1892 edition of The Principles and Practice of Medicine.

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