02 - Larynx: Stenosis and atresia

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Rodin Number: 50
E Number: none
Donor: Ross
Date: unknown
Size (H x W cm): 14 x 13

The front of the specimen shows a moderate degree of tracheal stenosis caused by concentric thickening (presumably fibrosis) of its mucosa (arrow). A white rod to the right indicates a tracheotomy fistula from the skin (not present in the specimen) to the trachea, bypassing the stenotic area. The back side (B) shows the white rod in the bronchus (short arrows). A fibrotic epiglotis (long arrows) is evident between the tongue (T) and the larynx (L).


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No clinical or additional pathologic information is evident. However, the descriptive card states that the cause was congenital syphilis. The card also indicates the only donor is Ross; although Olser's relationship with the specimen is uncertain, he presumably performed the autopsy from which it came.

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