Request and Approval Process

1. Employee discusses the request with his/her manager.

a. Confirm that the employee is eligible for the program:
     - The employee is not on a trial or probation period or a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).
     - The employee is not on a Temporary Alternative Work Arrangements (TAWA) if requesting work from home (WFH).

b. Ensure the request is workable for the employee considering the nature of the work and the impacts on the team.

c. Ensure the employee understands the documents required to support the request.  

2. Employee completes the required forms.

a. FWA Request form - for all FWA program requests

b. FWA MUNACA Agreement – to be completed if a MUNACA member requests an adjusted lunch period, or if a request is not otherwise in line with the Collective Agreement.

c. FWA Health and Safety checklist - to be completed if requesting work from home.  

3. Employee & manager meet to review, finalize and sign the forms.

a. Is the information accurate and complete?

b. Do the hours add up to 6.75 (or 7 for technical positions) per day?

c. Is the plan sufficiently detailed to ensure the employee is accessible and work expectations are clear? Make adjustments as needed.

d. Are there deficiencies on the Health and Safety checklist that need to be addressed?

4. If declining a request, the manager reviews with HR and informs the employee in person to ensure they understand the decision.

5. Manager sends the completed forms to the Faculty HR office. Send new requests to [at]

6. HR Advisor verifies the request, confirms the dossier is complete, obtains approval and returns the approved form to the manager.

7. 3 months into the FWA, the manager reports on the success of the arrangement and how it was measured or monitored.

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