Academic Health Network: Montreal Island

In spring 2017, the McGill Faculty of Medicine (now Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences) launched an initiative in its health network on the Island of Montreal to determine the best way forward to ensure academic excellence in the clinical environment. This initiative followed on the heels of health care reforms introduced by the Quebec government, as well as other factors, and their ongoing and potential impact on the education and research missions of the hospitals, institutes and centres in the network.

McGill’s network on the Island of Montreal is comprised of three large academic health and social services centres, namely:

Each is responsible for a number of health care organizations and institutes in which McGill students, residents and fellows train and carry out their research each year in the health sciences, including medicine, nursing, physical, occupational and speech therapy.

At this inaugural retreat, some 100 leaders from the McGill network convened to consider:

  • the context of changes in health care in Quebec and elsewhere,
  • what we can learn from best practices in clinical integration,
  • what role McGill academic leaders should play in light of health care reform.

The spring retreat represented a first step toward defining a collective McGill network vision and approach to training health professionals in our partner organizations. This is expected to enhance research competitiveness, promote the transfer of expertise and knowledge across health care partners and, ultimately, lead to improved care of the patients we serve.

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