McGill board demands funds be restored

Published: 17 December 2012

McGill University’s board of governors has adopted a resolution demanding the Quebec government withdraw the cuts it is imposing on universities and restore the funding that was in place, saying the government’s action is “excessive and injurious” to the university.

Principal Heather Munroe-Blum has sent a message to the McGill community saying the university will take every measure possible to persuade the government “to withdraw these harmful and ill-timed cuts.”

Munroe-Blum reiterated that the cuts were completely unexpected and not something the university had prior knowledge of, although higher education minister Pierre Duchesne has said the universities should have known this shortfall was coming.

“All that any of us had heard was that the government, while abandoning the previously committed increases in tuition fees, would keep the university whole financially,” she said.

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