Published: 16 July 2018

To all McIntyre Medical Sciences Building occupants,

Further to what was communicated to you over the weekend, the McIntyre Building remains closed. We anticipate it will stay closed through to at least Sunday, July 22 while McGill, together with the external support teams and experts, continue their work. We understand this creates challenges and we thank you for your ongoing patience and cooperation, which are crucial at this stage. The work is progressing well, thanks to the efforts of all involved. McGill’s goal is to return the McIntyre to normal operations as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that the remediation operation is very complex and requires space and time.  

We know that research ongoing within McIntyre is very important. We must reiterate that only inurgent and essential cases can access be permitted, with security escort, and only for a maximum of one hour. To facilitate the process for those with urgent and essential needs, we are implementing the following protocol:

1.      Identify one person as delegate in your lab.

2.      You or your lab delegate emails the request for access to [at] (subject: McIntyre%20fire%20inquiry) ,providing the necessary details.

3.      On receipt, each request will be reviewed by one research manager with the depth of knowledge to assess the situation.

4.      The research manager will confirm by email whether access will be permitted and when.


Please do not present yourself at McIntyre if you have not completed the above steps, as you will not be able to enter.

Additionally, if you are expecting research-related deliveries at the McIntyre, we ask that you cancel them until further notice.

If you are a faculty or staff member who works in the McIntyre, we ask that you remain at home until further notice; if you are able to work from home, please do so.

Again, we understand this is challenging for all who work in the McIntyre. Rest assured, the many teams mobilized to return the building to normal operations are doing all they can to do so, efficiently and safely. Thank you, again, for your full cooperation, and please watch your emails for the next update.

Thank you, also, for ensuring students in labs are well aware of the above.

Questions may be directed to [at] (subject: McIntyre%20fire%20inquiry) .

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