NEURO Epilepsy Lecture Series: Dynamic tractography atlas of the human brain (virtual)


The 2022-2023 Neuro Epilepsy Lecture Series will include eight lectures covering hot topics in basic and clinical epilepsy research. Speakers will include distinguished leaders and rising stars, with the goal of bridging basic research and clinical perspectives.

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Speaker: Eishi Asano

Departments of Pediatrics & Neurology, Wayne State University, USA

Department of Neurodiagnostics, Children's Hospital of Michigan, USA

Abstract: I will present the general principle and application of dynamic tractography, a technique to animate rapid neural propagations and network dynamics along MRI-defined, 3D white matter tracts across brain regions. Intracranial EEG measures allow us to estimate the propagation velocity, whereas diffusion-weighted imaging tractography localizes the anatomical pathways supporting given neural propagations. In our recent studies, we visualized interictal spike propagation from the epileptogenic zone and effective connectivity across language areas. We currently plan to generate the whole-brain level dynamic tractography atlases showing the pathological and physiological network dynamics common across the population.

*This event will be held virtually via Zoom

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The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital)
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