The Academy of Exemplary Physicians

Platinum lapel pinThe Academy of Exemplary Physicians recognizes and celebrates doctors within the Faculty’s School of Medicine and the McGill academic health network who are role models for their peers and trainees. It also provides a framework for the School of Medicine to showcase the importance of clinical excellence, alongside its commitments to outstanding research and inspirational pedagogy.

Those nominated and subsequently recognized as Exemplary Physicians will enter the Academy. New members will be celebrated at an annual ceremony and meeting, and may also be presented to medical students of the graduating class. Members of the Academy of Exemplary Physicians will receive a distinctive lapel pin to indicate their special status.

Exemplary Physicians may be asked to present their philosophy of clinical work at the annual meeting and may also participate in a “Fireside Chat” interview with their Chair or a trainee, to be shared on the Faculty website and other media.

The annual Academy of Exemplary Physicians ceremony will take place in June.

Nomination criteria

People eligible for nomination will be active physicians who hold an appointment in a clinical department, and commit at least 50% of their time to clinical work. The criteria for nomination are:

1. Clinical Expertise: demonstrates highly skilled clinical acumen, develops innovative clinical methods, exemplifies a scholarly approach to patient care, etc.

2. Exemplary Physician Attributes: prioritizes a respectful care environment, exemplifies a masterly professionalism, demonstrates compassion and ethical presence, advocates for patients and the greater community, etc.

Nomination process

  • Each clinical department will be allotted a number of nomination slots in accordance with department size.


    Max Nominees per year

    Family Medicine; Medicine; Campus Outaouais


    Pediatrics; Psychiatry; Emergency Medicine; Surgery; Anesthesia; Obstetrics and gynecology


    Diagnostic Radiology; Neurology and Neurosurgery; Oncology; Pathology; Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences; Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery; Pediatric Surgery; Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health; Human Genetics; Critical Care Medicine


  • Each department will use its own internal process for presenting its nominees up to the allotted numbers.
  •  A School of Medicine selection committee will be charged with selecting no more than 8 Exemplary Physicians each year from amongst the group of nominees.

The dossier presented to the selection committee needs to include:

  1. A letter of nomination from the Chair,
  2. Two letters of support (and not more) from peers, trainees or patients
  3. The nominee's CV.

Please send your applications by April 24, 2023 to Leah Moss leah.moss [at]

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