Requests to come onto campus

McGill’s current operational status is detailed here. Any requests to resume activities must be accompanied by a resumption plan outlining measures to ensure health and safety. To facilitate requests, we ask that you submit your request based on the instructions below, using the applicable form. As per the University directives currently in place, not all requests may be approved at this time. Also, please understand that each request requires planning and processing that, depending on the activity, will take time. The Faculty is currently prioritizing mission-critical activities (e.g., student-facing, in-person teaching, exams, among others). Thank you, in advance, for your understanding and patience.

Importantly, if your activity is approved, it is imperative that University directives related to preventing the spread of COVID-19 within your unit are rigorously applied.

Please review the various guidelines for the Return to Campus Fall 2021 here and read the Toolkit here.

Reminder - Employees must fill out the COVID-19 Daily health check form every day prior to entering any McGill building:

Minerva Self-Asessment Form

Please select the activity you wish to resume:


Researcher working in lab

For the resumption of research activities, please visit:



Non-research Activities (Mission-critical activities only at this time)

McIntyre/Life Sciences Building complex

To resume in-person and on-campus mission-critical activities that are not research-related, please complete the form below and email it to opc.medicine [at]

Examples: in-person teaching, student-facing, classes, examinations or workshops; videotaping or photo sessions for teaching purposes; deliveries; Zoom lab experiments, lectures, orientation sessions; student society/association initiatives; conference; staff wellbeing activities.

One-time, Short-duration Entry

Computer and desk image in highrise

To request a one-time, short-duration entry, please complete the form below and email it to opc.medicine [at]

Examples: item retrieval; computer reboot; printing of documents; preparation of resumption plans or research grant.

Please note that processing takes time. Thank you for your patience.

External Visitors Access

Researcher opening fridge

Examples: research equipment maintenance by external technician; access request for non-McGill visitors.

To request access for an external visitor, visit McGill Central's webpage:

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