Dear Students, Faculty Members and Staff in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences,

McGill University and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences are committed to cultivating an environment of equity and inclusivity. There is no place within our campus communities for discriminatory behaviour, attitudes or discourse that run contrary to the University’s principles and Faculty’s values. Discourse that fosters a culture of discrimination or disrespect based on race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual preference or socioeconomic origins is not tolerated. We are equally committed to taking all necessary measures to ensure the members of our University community feel safe and free of harassment on our campuses. Please know that such issues are taken very seriously at the highest levels. Students, faculty members and staff who are Indigenous, racialized and from other marginalized communities may feel particularly vulnerable and/or distressed when they witness or experience discriminatory or disrespectful discourse. Anyone wishing to speak about any issue of this nature that arises is encouraged to immediately contact the SACE Office ( [at] For those feeling vulnerable or experiencing psychological distress, please feel free to access the services of The WELL Office (for students in our health professional programs) or the Case Management Services of the Office of the Dean of Students (for all other students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences).

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