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User Guide

eRAP is an online system that has been implemented for the electronic submission and review of human research ethics proposals.

eRAP allows researchers to access all their submissions and documents, as well as track the current status of their submissions. Researchers can also access and submit requests for review for their ongoing studies that have previously been reviewed and approved.

Who can use the system?

Any researcher and student (graduate, postdoctoral) that has a McGill username and password can use the portal. Most McGill faculty and students are already entered in the system. If you cannot log in, please contact eRAPsupport [at]

PIs can designate students or staff of their research team to work on the submission. Because staff are not automatically in the system, the faculty PI may have to contact eRAP support requesting system access.

External researchers cannot use eRAP.

When can I start using eRAP?

You can start using eRAP now for all categories of submissions and you are encouraged to do so.  As of April 1, 2022, all submissions must be done using the eRAP system.

What do I need to do before submitting?

Download and consult the User Guide

Ensure that you have all your documents ready for your initial submission: protocol, consent form, study tools/instruments, scientific review form, department head assurance form, PI Assurance statement (if you are not the PI); for all other submissions, ensure that you have any supporting documents ready.  Consult the Submission Procedures page for the list of documents required.

A note about submitting an Amendment

There are 2 options for amendments called Amendment and Amendment - Legacy.

You MUST select the Amendment - Legacy  form if your original ethics application was reviewed prior to the launching of the new eRAP submission system.

Need technical assistance

using and accessing eRAP?

Please contact us :

eRAPsupport [at]



Consult submission deadlines for Full Board meeting dates and their corresponding submission deadlines. Please adhere to the submission deadline to ensure a place on the corresponding meeting agenda. Full Board review of applications received after a specific deadline date may be postponed to a subsequent meeting date.

The deadline for all study amendments, modifications, consent form revisions is one (1) week before a scheduled meeting.

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