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Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry

Executive Summary

In 2014, The Deans of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Dentistry engaged in a strategic planning exercise in establishing priorities for research. The resulting strategic research plan (SRP) was originally approved in 2014, revised in 2017, with the current document representing a 2021 update. It is a living document, to account for emerging health challenges and research opportunities.

The SRP’s overarching goal is for McGill to maintain or achieve a high level of excellence in selected areas, while training the next generation of health researchers in a highly competitive and inter-disciplinary research environment. The SRP aims to build strength in fundamental sciences and transfer research results into improved clinical practice and health outcomes and enhanced economic activity. It takes into consideration the respective aims and strengths of all research and teaching units (Schools, academic and clinical Departments, Centers, Networks) and strategic initiatives, inclusive of research institutes based at our affiliated hospitals.

Our research priorities build on areas of excellence to ensure we are agile and responsive to both major and emerging health challenges. They are positioned to stimulate fundable research and innovation. In that regard, the current SRP is aligned with CIHR’s new Strategic Plan (2021-31).

In 2020, the Faculty of Medicine became the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences to better reflect the diversity of expertise and the breadth of its core mandates. In parallel, the Faculty of Dentistry initiated a strategic planning phase of its academic and research activities. The current SRP updates build on solid foundations, consolidate successful strategic research initiatives, and re-emphasize the vital importance of current, sustainable core infrastructure and platforms in the realization of the research mission. A new, specific focus is on the strongly emerging and cross-cutting role of digital technologies and data sciences in current and future evolutions of health and clinical care. Another emphasis is the promotion and development of a spirit of entrepreneurship across our Faculties, promoting outreach and collaboration across the university and affiliated partners, to encourage and facilitate the emergence of innovations driven by the scientific approach in response to unmet needs amongst patients and the healthcare system.

The SRP emphasizes the major importance of equity, diversity and inclusion throughout all aspects of research, from initial conception through implementation and ultimately translation to healthcare.

Our Strategic Research Plan highlights major groupings in four health and disease areas:

  • Infection, Immunity & Inflammation
  • Cancer
  • Neuroscience & Mental Health
  • Healthcare Across the Lifespan: Development, Rehabilitation & Chronic Diseases

and four cross-cutting strategic priorities:

  • Patient-Centered Continuum of Care
  • Biomedical & Health Sciences in the Age of Digital Data
  • Key Determinants of Health & Disease: Genes, Behavior & Environment
  • Precision Approaches to Personalized Medicine

The plan also highlights enabling implementation strategies with an evaluation framework (Part B).

The Faculties’ Standing Committee on Research (SCoR) is mandated to a) activate the plan, b) monitor progress on objectives, c) acquire feedback from the community and d) update the SRP.


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