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Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry

2. Outline

The present Strategic Research Plan provides a framework in support of research excellence in selected areas. This also includes the scientific training of the next generation of highly competitive and interdisciplinary biomedical and health professionals, in both fundamental and applied disciplines, with a clear motivation for making a difference in health outcomes for individuals, their families and communities.

To ensure feasibility and focus, the SRP puts forward:

  1. a concentration on major health and disease areas (Part A),
  2. the fostering of cross-cutting priorities (Part A),
  3. an enabling implementation plan (Part B).

The identified strategic research areas and priorities highlight established or emerging strengths in McGill’s portfolio, bringing together the efforts of multiple groups across the campus, in community clinics and in our affiliated healthcare institutions. The implementation initiatives ensure that these strategic priorities can move forward, with fair measures of impact for units and their researchers.

The major groupings include four health and disease areas:

  • Infection, Immunity & Inflammation
  • Cancer
  • Neuroscience & Mental Health
  • Healthcare Across the Lifespan: Development, Rehabilitation & Chronic Diseases.


The cross-cutting strategic priorities are:

  • Patient-Centered Continuum of Care
  • Biomedical & Health Sciences in the Age of Digital Data
  • Key Determinants of Health & Disease: Genes, Behavior & Environment
  • Precision Approaches to Personalized Medicine.

Implementation (Part B) leverages existing strengths and supports research assets such as core infrastructure and major units to enable research excellence and encourage a spirit of innovation fueled by patient needs and scientific advances, supporting entrepreneurship, incubation of spin-offs, industry partnerships and commercialization.


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