Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences' Greatest Needs

There are so many worthy causes within McGill’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences that it can be difficult to choose just one. Our Medicine’s Greatest Needs fund allows you to make an unrestricted gift to the Faculty, giving the Dean the flexibility to use monies where they are most needed at that time.

Currently, donations to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences’ Greatest Needs may include major upgrades to the McIntyre Medical Building, student awards and support, and improvements and maintenance to undergraduate student laboratories.

McIntyre Medical Building Upgrade

The McIntyre Medical Building is the central hub of the McGill Faculty of Medicine. Built in 1965 on the slope of Mount Royal, the emblematic building has been a feature of Montreal's landscape for more than 50 years. "McMed," as it is affectionately known, was designed to make a bold statement: here, we teach and practise modern medicine. As the Faculty enters its 3rd century, our students and researchers need this type of collaborative space more than ever - but significantly enhanced to reflect 21st century needs.

Student Awards and Support

Our goal is to allow every deserving undergraduate and graduate student the opportunity to study at McGill’s Faculty of Medicine, no matter their financial situation. Through your generous contributions, we’re able to reduce students’ financial stress, allowing them to focus on their studies. Financial support is available to students in all Schools and departments within the Faculty through bursaries as well as funding to attend conferences or to pursue research. Your gifts also grant our Faculty the ability to distribute over 150 awards to worthy students annually.

Undergraduate Laboratory Upgrades

Many of our students spend long hours in the laboratory. Your generous donations can help the Faculty upgrade our laboratory equipment and improve and maintain our labs. This will ensure that each one of our undergraduate students receive the best training to become future-ready professionals.

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