Career Planning Advice

Suggested Goals for Med 4

Mark all important CaRMS dates and elective application/cancellation dates into your calendar

  • Look at the CaRMS 1st iteration timeline, and put the dates for submission of different kinds of documents, with some "buffer" days, into your personal calendar/agenda. Make pop-up reminders to yourself as needed.
  • Also do this for application/cancellation deadlines for any electives that are still pending or double-booked.

Apply for residency (CaRMS/ERAS)

  • prepare your application documents (CV, Personal letter, online application, letter of reference requests)
  • apply to programs and specialties of interest

Finalize all applications for electives

  • ensuring minimum 3 disciplines and 3-5 weeks of vacation

Practice and attend residency interviews

  • Try to attend as many interviews as you can, to maximize your chances to match

Make a final specialty decision for your Rank Order List

  • Sometimes you still have trouble deciding, even after interviews. This is normal, and it's ok. But you will have to decide what to rank in what order, so put some thought into it before you submit a rank order list you are happy with.

Rank and match

  • Submit a rank order list (or lists, if you are applying to both Canada and the USA for residency)
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