Class of 2024


Class of 2024

Language(s): English
Education: DEC Health Sciences (Marianopolis College, 2011), B.Sc Honours Cell and Molecular Biology, Minors in Multidisciplinary Studies in Science (Concordia University, 2015), Doctor of Pharmacy (University of Toronto, 2019)

Mini-Bio: My path to medicine is a little unconventional; I was born and raised in Montreal before moving to Toronto in 2015 to pursue a pharmacy degree. I’ve always enjoyed working with people from different walks of life and made it a priority to engage in many varied extracurriculars during both my undergraduate and pharmacy studies. Some of my favourite projects include serving as an executive for Toronto’s IMAGINE Clinic and investigating a radiotherapeutic drug aimed at treating HER2(+) breast cancer. When I’m not studying or volunteering, you can find me lifting weights at the gym, relaxing with friends, family and (trying to) meet new people. During my career as a pharmacist, I dealt with doctors who studied around the world and witnessed first hand the caliber at which McGill-trained physicians practice. The high academic standard, fantastic support system and commitment towards providing a diverse student body with countless opportunities along their medical school journey made choosing McGill Medicine an easy decision.


Class of 2024

Language(s): French, English
Education: BSc Biochemistry (Université de Montréal), MSc Sciences Biomédicales – option sciences psychiatriques (Honours, Université de Montréal), Advanced Specialty Certificate of Forensic Sciences (British Columbia Institute of technology), GCBA Business Administration (John-Molson School of Business, Concordia University), PhD Pathology (McGill University)

Mini-Bio: Cat lover, CrossFit enthusiast, surf newbie and very proud McGill Med Ambassador! I am a driven young professional and I unceasingly aspire to learn and improve, thus my motivation to become a clinician-scientist. As my academic background suggests, I am a well-rounded student with a wide range of experiences and interests. From my first year of university I knew that I wanted to do medicine, but I would not have guessed how challenging, yet so rewarding, the path to get there would be. I obtained my PhD in ophthalmic pathology in 2019 and I have several years of research experience prior to my doctoral studies, notably in the field of neurobiology and behavioural neuroscience. I also managed to study some Forensics and a bit of business along the way, and I truly believe that stepping out of my (science) comfort zone and learning new skills are an asset to being a good physician.I have gained valuable experience throughout my years in academia and I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most passionate, smart and unique people I know. As a student ambassador, I am honoured to be able to share these experiences with you, future colleagues and friends!


Class of 2024

Language(s): English, French, Arabic (Tunisian dialect), Spanish (novice)
Education: DEC Sciences (John Abbott College, 2016); B.Sc. (Honours) Neuroscience (McGill University, 2019); M.Sc. Neuroscience (University of Oxford, 2020).

Mini-Bio: Hey everyone, I am Shadi and am honored to serve as student ambassador this year. I was born in Montreal and raised in both Montreal and Tunisia, my parents' home country. My interest in medicine began after spending some time with World War II veterans at the now-defunct Sainte-Anne Veterans' Hospital while in high school. I chose McGill to pursue my medical studies because of its world-renowned reputation in both medicine and research, its fantastic curriculum and because it's my alma mater. I'm a sports fanatic; rowing and cycling have been a focus of mine lately. My favorite movie of all time is 2001: A Space Odyssey. Tommy Wiseau's The Room is a close second. (kidding. although...). Feel free to reach out to me for any questions about the application process, the curriculum or the first year experience. Best of luck!


Class of 2024

Language(s): English, French
Education: B. Sc. Anatomy and Cell Biology (McGill, 2020)

Mini-Bio: Hi, I’m Connor! I was born in Montreal but spent most of my life in Ottawa. Originally, I came to McGill for nursing, but I ended up switching gears and transferring into Anatomy and Cell Biology, where I got my B.Sc. During my undergrad I was involved in many volunteer initiatives and research projects. I enjoyed my undergrad at McGill so much that I decided to stay here for medical school. The Faculty of Medicine at McGill was appealing to me because they place a huge focus on student wellness and mentorship throughout the program. Additionally, they afford students many opportunities for community and research involvement. Outside of school and studying, I enjoy exploring Montreal, cooking, and reading. Feel free to ask me any questions, I look forward to meeting you all!


Class of 2024

Language(s): English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi
Education: BSc. Anatomy and Cell Biology (McGill University, 2019); MSc. Experimental Medicine (McGill University, Jewish General Hospital/Lady Davis Institute, 2019-2021). FRQS Scholar (2020), Quebec Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research Fellowship (2020).

Mini-Bio: Growing up in Calgary, Alberta, I took full advantage of the Rocky Mountains and loved to camp, hike, kayak and snowboard. After a formative summer internship witnessing patients at a tertiary care medical centre in Calgary, I decided medicine was my calling and began my journey to medical school. I moved to Montreal in 2015 and completed my BSc. in Anatomy and Cell Biology and am currently completing my MSc. in Experimental Medicine from McGill University as well. To study at McGill Medicine was once a dream and now a reality since I was 16 when I first read about the rich history and legacy that the medical faculty holds, from William Osler to Wilder Penfield. It is a privilege to be studying medicine along with such a diverse cohort of individuals from varying experiences, languages and cultures and I am reminded of it daily. If I am not studying at any of the beautiful cafes in Montreal, you can catch me watching any movie by Christopher Nolan, binging rewatches of Stranger Things, The Office, or Suits or exploring Old Montreal. Please do not hesitate to reach out, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Class of 2024

Language(s): English, French
Education: B.Sc. Kinesiology, McGill University (2016-2019), M.Sc. Neuroscience (concussion and traumatic brain injury research), McGill University (2019-2021)

Mini-Bio: My name is Joelle and I am from Montreal, born and raised. Even though I have been here my entire life and completed all of my schooling here, I love exploring the city and finding new spots for great food and coffee. I am big on music, and all things sports! I study medicine at McGill’s new campus in Outaouais. Although I am just starting my first year, I already feel such a sense of community, support and belonging here with the small campus and family-like environment in Gatineau. I love that I am still able to continue my education at McGill, while also being able to explore a new city. Having applied to McGill medicine more than once, I know how stressful the application process can be, but I am so grateful that I finally have the privilege to study here. Don’t give up, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions!


Class of 2024

Language(s): English, Mandarin, French (casual)

Education: Ontario Secondary School Diploma (Bloor Collegiate Institute, 2016); B.Sc. (Honours) Neuroscience (McGill University, 2020). Research experience: neuropsychiatry research (Douglas Mental Health University Institute, 2017-2020), physics research (National Cheng Kung University, 2018), spinal cord injury research (Amgen Scholars Canada Program - University of Toronto, 2019), biochemistry research (Rosalind & Morris Goodman Cancer Research Centre, 2019-2020).

Mini-Bio: I was born in Tianjin, China and moved to Toronto when I was five years old, so I grew up in the various suburbs that surround downtown. My interest in medicine is strongly intertwined with my research interests--I first became interested in neuroscience research during my first year of university when I attended a neuropsychiatry course that introduced me to the notion that the operations of the brain is intimately linked to health and disease. From this interest, I pursued research that aided me in crystallizing my interest for medicine, as it is a profession that allows a medical practitioner to form a unique, oftentimes vulnerable connection with someone who may have been a stranger minutes before. McGill's Faculty of Medicine is an incredibly supportive and diverse environment that is truly dedicated to students' success. I am grateful for the variety of support resources and opportunities, including Osler groups and the Longitudinal Family Medicine Experience, which have already introduced me to kind, generous, and professional mentors that I am sure will have a lasting impact on my future career. The Faculty is magical in that students, staff, professors, and physicians alike collaborate to consistently improve the quality of student mentorship and patient care.In my free time, I love to play piano and swim, and I am also interested in interrogation forensics, suturing fruits, and cafe hopping around Montréal. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would just like to chat!


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