2023 Admissions

Class of 2023

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Class of 2023

Languages: English, French, Greek
Education: DEC Honors Health Science, Vanier College, 2014-2016 B.Sc. Neuroscience, McGill University, 2016-2019 M.D., C.M., McGill University, 2019-2023

Research background:
-2 years at the Research Institute of the MUHC at the Glen site with Dr. Nguyen part of the departments of Psychiatry and OBGYN
-1 year with Dr. Petrides of the Psychology Department at McGill University
-1 summer with Dr. Taussky in radio-oncology at the CHUM

My name is Dennis, and I am from Laval, Qc. Being off-island, I enjoy exploring Montreal and discovering news spots for coffee, food, and fun activities! I also enjoy keeping up with pop culture and finding new artists and music to listen to. I am a big fan of mindfulness, Harry Potter and space.

I decided to complete my third year of medicine in Gatineau because it seems like a great learning opportunity, and I like exposing myself to new experiences. McGill med is a great place where I have been able to meet incredible people and get involved in student life, including the Medical Students’ Society.

I have always wanted to be a doctor from a young age, which led me to search for opportunities to expose myself to the profession, including volunteering at the Children’s Hospital and doing some research at the MUHC and CHUM. Since my time in McGill med, I have come to appreciate how many different career possibilities there are, and I look forward to exploring them more in the years to come!

Student Ambassador Dennis


Class of 2023

Languages: English, French, Spanish (Intermediate)
Education: DEC Health Sciences (Jean-de-Brébeuf, 2016-2018); Med-P (McGill, 2018-2019)

My name is Anne and I am from Montreal. My path to medicine started with an early exposure to community health, advocacy and health innovation though volunteer work, youth-led initiatives and internships. During my spare time, I enjoy playing group sports (ultimate frisbee, flag football, hockey), visiting art exhibitions and discovering new restaurants in Montreal. McGill’s Faculty of Medicine is renowned for its strong curriculum and teaching experience, as well as its focus on health advocacy, medical research and scientific innovation. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Class of 2023

Languages: English, French, Spanish (Novice)
Education: B.Sc. and M.Sc. Degrees in PT at Laval University (2012-2016), Sciences, letters and arts (Integrated DEC) Cégep de Trois-Rivières (2009-2011)

I was born in the countryside of the Province of Quebec and grew up in a family with traditional values and way of living, prioritizing human contacts, respect and hard work over material values. I was very involved throughout high school, Cégep and University in social causes both locally and internationally. Among them, taking part in humanitarian expeditions in Haiti was by far the most challenging experience I encountered. It certainly changes you in a positive way. It gave me a great push to pursue health care studies as it is, from my perspective, the best way of devoting yourself to having a positive impact in people’s lives. With this in mind, I did bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Physiotherapy in Laval University, which then led me to get into McGill’s Medical School.
Navigating through such process can be confusing and stressful, but in the end, every second of it should be enjoyable! Here at McGill, every single detail is thought to provide the most inclusive and comfortable experience possible, having students' wellness at the highest priority level while ensuring top-quality teaching. As a student ambassador, I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions about such a fascinating experience that is Medical School at McGill’s Faculty of Medicine.

Student Ambassador Pier-Luc


Class of 2023

Languages: English, French, Spanish (Basic)
Education: DEC Health Sciences (Jean-de-Brébeuf, 2013); BSc Honors Biomedical Sciences (Université de Montréal, 2017); PhD, Experimental Surgery, (McGill University, 2021, as part of the MDCM-PhD Program)

Born and raised in Montreal, I completed my CEGEP studies at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf and my Honors BSc undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences at University of Montréal. In 2017, I started a Master’s degree in Human Genetics at McGill with Dr. William Foulkes, prior to being accepted in the prestigious joint MDCM & PhD program here at McGill. My undergraduate and graduate training was an opportunity to acquire solid knowledge and pursue stimulating academic research endeavors. Outside of academia, I enjoy painting, drawing, and swimming, as I have worked as a swimming instructor for almost ten years. I love traveling the world with my husband to discover new cultures or spend time closer to home on long walks with our dog.

It has always been a dream and an absolute privilege for me to study medicine in the MD-PhD program at McGill. McGill was an obvious choice for me as it offers the only direct-entry combined MD-PhD program in the province, but it especially has an excellent international reputation, an amazingly diverse student community, and outstanding mentorship and research opportunities.


Languages: English, Spanish
Education: BSc (University of Western Ontario, 2019)

My name is Joseph Moryousef and I am originally from Toronto. Before starting medical school, I completed my BSc at the University of Western Ontario. I was extremely honoured and excited to receive my invitation to study medicine at McGill and did not have to think twice about my decision. The practice of medicine requires training and experience for both technical and soft skills. I believe McGill Medicine embodies both aspects as there is a rigorous curriculum in-play to teach the foundational sciences while simultaneously never losing sight of the humane side of medicine. Additionally, living in a vibrant and diverse city like Montreal while receiving a world-class medical education is a dream come true. Outside of academics, I enjoy playing basketball (go raps!), golf and tennis.


Class of 2023

Languages: English, French, Vietnamese
Education: DEC Health Science (Marianopolis); B.A. Psychology (McGill); B.Sc. (Honours) Health, Kinesiology, & Applied Physiology (Concordia); M.Sc. Health & Exercise Science (Concordia)

I grew up in the South Shore of Montreal. When I’m not in class or the hospital, I’ll be at the gym, hiking, playing sports such as ice hockey, soccer, and going out with friends & family. To study at McGill for medical school is dream come true offering exceptional opportunities in medicine and research along with a diverse and supportive environment. Feel free to send me a message anytime and I would be more than happy to chat more about it!

Student Ambassador Alex


Class of 2023

Languages: English, French, Italian
Education: DEC Health Science (Marianopolis College, 2012-2014), Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering - Internship Program (McGill University, 2014-2018), Master’s in Mechanical Engineering - Thesis (McGill University, 2018-2020)

My path to medicine has been highly unconventional and serendipitous. As a kid growing up in Montreal, I loved to build and design, and I was always fascinated by how things were made. This motivated me to pursue a career in mechanical engineering, where I had the opportunity to work in aerospace and combustion. However, a research project with the McGill Spine Biomechanics Lab and CAE Healthcare building a 3D computer model of a spine for surgical simulators introduced me to the world of biomedical engineering, and I haven’t looked back since. This led me to a Master’s where I studied aorta hemodynamics for graft improvement, and ultimately instigated my switch to medicine – to be able to directly work with patients to solve their problems. Throughout the entire application process and my academic career McGill has helped me along the way and allowed me to realize that there is no one right way to becoming a physician

Student Ambassador Isabella


Class of 2023

Languages: English, Hindi
Education: Colonel By Secondary School (French Immersion IB, 2014) University of Ottawa, Bachelors in Chemical Engineering (2019). 3 years of research experience in biomolecular tagging (NRC), material testing of bone (Omelon Lab, UOttawa) and cartilage regeneration (St-Pierre Lab, UOttawa)

I was born in Hamilton and grew up in Ottawa. When not in class, you can probably find me either eating, in the lab (not both at the same time ;), at the gym, trying new food, out exploring Montreal or catching up on that 8 hours of daily sleep. McGill med for me was an easy decision based on how warm and supportive the entire faculty was during the application process.

Student Ambassador Neelabh
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