Class of 2022

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Class of 2022
Language(s): English, Cantonese

Education History: B.Sc. (Honours) Neuroscience (Western University, 2015); M.Sc. Occupational Therapy (Western University, 2017)
Home Town: Toronto, Ontario
Mini-Bio: I am a lifelong chatterbox from Toronto who has found that my love of talking and connecting with others can be forayed into the essential skill of rapport-building. I love art not only as a form of self-care and self-expression, but as a way of developing empathy and understanding someone else's narrative. I chose to study medicine at McGill because I saw these values shared by the school in the forms of physicianship and holistic, person-centered care, which appealed to me especially coming from an Occupational Therapy background. I also chose to come to McGill so that I could immerse myself in Montréal’s incredible food and culture, a decision that has been affirmed by all of the brunches and bagels I have already enjoyed.


Class of 2022
Education History: M.Res. Brain Sciences (University College London, 2017), B.Sc. Neuroscience (McGill University, 2015). Research experience in anaesthesia, neurodevelopment, and multiple sclerosis.

Home Town: Victoria, British Columbia
Mini-Bio: I grew up in Victoria, BC. I first moved to Montreal in 2011 to do my B.Sc. After working in research in Vancouver and studying in the UK, I found myself drawn back to this amazing city. I chose to pursue medicine at McGill largely from my interest in the neuroscience community and the many possibilities here for integrating research into clinical practice. When not studying, I enjoy going on hikes with friends, ballet, and playing the piano. I also love literature, and not just scientific journals!

In my brief time since starting the MDCM program, I have been struck by the supportive and student-centered focus of the Faculty. Given the strenuous nature of the program, it is encouraging to know that the Faculty is there to help us learn, succeed, and find our feet in the medical community. Besides the Faculty themselves, I have found the students to be remarkably interesting and welcoming


Class of 2022
Language(s): English, Punjabi
Education History: BSc Pharm (UBC Vancouver, 2018)
Home Town: British Columbia
Mini-Bio: Born and raised in British Columbia, I completed my BSc Pharm in Vancouver, where I dabbled in research in pharmaceutics. I pursued medicine to also be able to engage in research, mentorship and the community. I joined McGill to experience the rich history and opportunities available in the Faculty of Medicine and the city of Montreal. I love to play basketball, try different foods, and explore new sights... though I hate the rain… and the sun… and the cold.



Class of 2022
Language(s): English, French

Education History: Double DEC Health Science & Classical Music Performance (Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf and École de musique Vincent-d'Indy, 2017)
Mini-Bio: From primary school to CEGEP, I have studied music at school which allowed me to play the violin for thirteen years and integrate my biggest passion into my daily schedule. Having a strong interest for music and arts, I feel very lucky to have lived all my life in Montreal, where the culture and the arts scene are so unique.In my spare time, my main hobbies are music, movies, discovering new restaurants, travels, sports and spending time with the people I love. Studying Medicine at McGill is an honor and an incredible opportunity.Having the chance to receive a high-quality education within a diverse student body and a bilingual environment in my hometown made my choice really easy. McGill Medicine is also now what I call my second family, because it is where I had the chance to meet some of my closest friends, with whom I look forward to share incredible memories during the upcoming years.



Class of 2022
Language(s): English, French, Mandarin 
Education History: DEC Arts and Sciences (Jean-de-Brébeuf, 2014); B.S.E. Computer Science with minor in Neuroscience and minor in Statistics & Machine Learning (Princeton, 2018)
Home Town: China
Mini-Bio: Hi there! My name is Xiao. A little about me: I was born in China, grew up in Montreal, and I enjoy various sports, going for walks, playing guitar, and watching movies. I chose McGill for its modern curriculum, its breadth of opportunities, the diversity of its student body,and the incredible city it's located in. The pre-med process can be stressful and confusing to navigate at times, so definitely feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have!



Class of 2022
Language(s): English, Hindi
Education History: PhD (Biochemistry, U of Ottawa), Postdoc Fellow (Dept. of Pharmacology, McGill), In PhD my research was focused on design and characterization of novel anti cancer drugs. During postdoc my research was focused on Retinopathy of prematurity.
Home Town: India
Mini-Bio: I was born and raised in India. I came to Canada to complete a doctorate in biochemistry at uOttawa. I then pursued post-doctoral studies in pharmacology at McGill. During the course of my research, I have had the opportunity to study retinopathy of prematurity, anticancer drug discovery, cytogenetics and virology. I had a circuitous path to medicine and have been fortunate to be able to fulfill it through McGill's NTP program.

I am also a passionate storyteller and scribble some spoken word poetry. In India, I won a number of speech contests. After winning multiple competitions within Canada, I represented Canada at the world stage in the 2013 public speaking world championship, using a speech reflection upon my experiences in India. As one of the few individuals from my community to go to university, I am conscious of how fortunate I am and I view the opportunity of attending medical school as a tool to help me pay it forward to the society that has helped me get here.