Students in the Class of 2019

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Class of 2019
Language(s): English, French, Vietnamese
Education History: BSc Biochemistry (Wilfrid Laurier, 2009), MSc Chemistry (Wilfrid Laurier, 2011), PhD Molecular Biophysics (Guelph, 2015), Research experience in membrane protein structure and function. 
Home Town: Vietnam
Mini-Bio: At the age of 17, I came to Canada from Vietnam to pursue higher education. While completing my undergraduate studies in biochemistry, I found my passion for basic science research and decided to focus my postgraduate studies on understanding the structure and function of human uncoupling proteins. At the same time, I truly enjoyed all my volunteer activities on- or off- campus. Whether it was at a nursing home, hospital ward, or a classroom, I always enjoyed making people smile and making a positive impact to people's lives. At the end of my PhD, I decided to pursue medicine, as I felt it would give me an opportunity to combine my passion and curiosity for science and my compassion for the human element. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the McGill medical community, where I have a strong team of professors and physicians to support my dream of becoming a physician. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, playing table tennis and hanging out with friends and family. 


Class of 2019
Language(s): English, French
Education History: DEC Health Science (Cégep de Saint-Jérôme, 2014)
Home Town: Mont-Tremblant, Québec
Mini-Bio: I grew up in Mont-Tremblant so I am very close to nature. I love hiking, skiing and doing sports. In my Med-P year, I enjoyed getting involved in the student association, as well as in the many activities taking place at McGill. It was an opportunity for me to act as a leader on different occasions. I gave presentations to prospective students, I took part in the “Coffee with Med-P'” initiative, I recruited volunteers for the MMI's and I visited my former Cégep to talk about my experiences as a medical student. Studying medicine at McGill is an incredible opportunity.  The program is rigorous and touches upon so many aspects of health.  I also get to take a variety of courses that will help me become a well-rounded physician in the future.  


Class of 2019
Language(s): English, French
Education History: B.A. (Honours) in Psychology (Saint Mary's University, 2009); M.Sc. Epidemiology (McGill University, 2011). Also worked as a research coordinator for a few years at the Montréal Public Health office and for two years at Dr. Lisa Koski's laboratory (McGill).
Home Town: New Brunswick
Mini-Bio: I grew up in a small Acadian community in New Brunswick. I took some time off after high school to discover myself and travel the world before deciding to enroll at university. It was only upon completing my graduate degree, that I seriously entertained the idea that medicine might not only be the best avenue to combine all my interests, but that I actually had what it took to successfully become a physician. Outside of school, I enjoy bicycling, discovering the culinary delights of Montréal, spending time outdoors, as well as the occasional video game.


Class of 2019
Language(s): English, French
Education History: DEC Health Science (Dawson College 2013)
Home Town: Montreal
Mini-Bio: I fell in love with the field of medicine by watching the pioneering example of my grandmother who ran a small-town family medicine practice in Pennsylvania for 50 years. I grew up in Montreal and have been heavily involved in my community. I feel fortunate that I was given the opportunity to continue my studies here, at this amazing institution, in this great city. I am a currently a student-athlete at McGill, competing on the Martlet basketball team. Outside of school, I enjoy seeing friends, watching movies, reading, playing sports and spending time with my dog! 


Class of 2019
Language(s): English, French
Education History: DEC Health Science (John Abbott, 2014), Electrophysiology research at the Montreal Children's Hospital
Home Town: La Tabatière, Basse Côte Nord
Mini-Bio: I grew up in La Tabatière, a rural fishing village of 500 residents in the Basse Côte Nord region of Quebec. There, unique culture and rugged beauty comes with isolation and traveling in and out on an 18 seat airplane, a weekly ferry, or a snowmobile. Now in Montreal, I pass my free time cooking, drawing, and watching movies (Indiana Jones films being particular favorites). However, despite the move I still often think of home and pursue medicine at McGill not only to feed my interest in biology but to hopefully return and give back to my community one day.


Class of 2019
Language(s): English, French
Education History: DEC Health Science (Dawson, 2010), BSc Neuroscience (McGill, 2013), MSc Psychiatry (McGill, 2015)
Home Town: Montreal, Québec
Mini-Bio: Montreal has been my home for my entire life. Volunteering and conducting research at various McGill hospitals over the years fostered my desire to pursue medicine here. After two completed degrees at McGill, the university feels like home. In my spare time, I love to go for walks with my dog, paint, bake, and read. I’m always open to book suggestions if you have any to offer!

Haitian (Billy)

Class of 2019
Language(s): English, French, Mandarin
Education History: B.Sc. Neuroscience with minor in Computational Molecular Biology (McGill, 2009) M.Sc. Physiology (McGill, 2015). Three years in developmental neurobiology research at the Centre for Research in Neuroscience (MUHC). Two years of translational medicine research at the Cell Information Group (McGill).
Home town: China
Mini-Bio: Coming into university, I was only interested in neuroscience. However, when my research brought me to the rheumatology clinic, I found I was more passionate towards patient care, especially chronic pain. Personally, I was born in China and I grew up in Toronto. A lot of the interests I have now have stayed with me since childhood. These include: playing the guitar and the piano, ultimate Frisbee (for McGill University and a Montreal club team), and of course, video games. I do enjoy movies and discussing their tiny irrelevant details, especially those of David Lynch.


Class of 2019
Language(s): English, French, Italian, Spanish
Education History: DEC Health Science (Marianopolis, 2012). B.Sc. Anatomy and Cell Biology (McGill , 2015)
Home town: Montreal, Québec
Mini-Bio: I always knew that I wanted a career that would make a difference in the lives of others and provide an opportunity for lifelong learning. My passion for the human body and my experience working in the emergency department during my undergrad are a few reasons why I decided to enter Medicine. After completing my B.Sc, McGill was my top choice of medical schools. Getting to stay in my hometown for four more years and joining the diverse McGill community was a dream come true! In my spare time, I love to read, discover Montreal restaurants and travel. 


Class of 2019
Language(s): English, French, Spanish
Education History: B. Eng Mechanical Engineering (Polytechnique, 2011), MA Environmental Management (Sherbrooke, 2013)
Home town: Montreal
Mini-BioMy path to McGill Med Scholl was a quite a sinuous one. After my undergrad and graduate studies, I jumped from being a Corporate Responsibility Advisor in waste management for Bell Canada to being a Junior motorized installation engineer for Stantec on a STM metro project. Beside work and studies, I am an outdoorsy young man quite interested in gardening. When I am not harvesting vegetables, you can find me either hiking a mountain, playing piano or cooking. I enjoy having people coming over for dinners and board game evenings and I like to go to unknown places.


Class of 2019
Language(s): English, French, Mandarin,Spanish
Education History: DEC Honours Health Science (Dawson, 2014)
Home town: China
Mini-BioI love meeting people and learning languages as a way to better connect with others. I now speak French, English, Mandarin, and Spanish with the aspiration of also learning Arabic and Hebrew. McGill Medicine’s diverse student body strongly influenced my choice to study in this great institution. Being an elite soccer athlete truly shaped my life, making me become a team player and a leader. As a future health professional, I wish to work in primary care, with vulnerable population, and advocate for a more equal society.


Class of 2019
Language(s): English, French, Portuguese
Education History: BSc Hons. Neuroscience (U. Alberta, 2005), one year in electrophysiological research in the Brain Rhythms Laboratory (U. Alberta), MSc sciences neurologiques (Université de Montréal, 2008), PhD sciences neurologiques (Université de Montréal, 2015)
Home town: British Columbia
Mini-Bio: I grew-up in the Kootenays of British Columbia. In high school, I participated in the Rotary International student exchange program and studied in Brazil. Throughout school I was involved in baseball, soccer, and volleyball - winning multiple regional, provincial/state, and national championships. I love to surf and snowboard, but I cannot skateboard to save my life. My ideal method of relaxation is going for weekend drives with no itinerary or destination. I chose McGill for medicine as I wanted the best possible medical education in Canada, and McGill offered that.


Class of 2019
Language(s): English, French, Italian
Education History: BSc Hons. Specialization Biology (U. Ottawa, 2014), ethnopharmaceutical research at the University of Ottawa
Home town: Ottawa
Mini-Bio: I was born and raised in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. To me, Montreal was always the weekend go-to destination for fun - a retreat away from the hordes of public servants back home. Aside from school, my passions lie in backpacking the world, cycling, of course cooking. Experiencing diversity, from people to food to language, is something I absolutely love and I think is best epitomized in Montreal. My desire to teach and learn from people, but also be able to bring scientific knowledge and advocate for them, is a main reason why I chose McGill medicine.