M.D.,C.M. & M.B.A.


Uniquely positioned to meet the evolving needs of tomorrow's health care professional, McGill's joint Program in Medicine & Management is a five-year program that prepares graduating physicians for leadership positions in the health care sector.

The first year of the McGill M.D.,C.M. & M.B.A. program is spent in the Desautels Faculty of Management allowing students to understand the infrastructure within which health care is delivered to patients before beginning their medical studies. This innovative approach enhances students' sensitivity to important health care management issues, and provides the critical insight and managerial tools needed to question, challenge and improve existing management conventions.

The program offers a multidisciplinary educational experience that features an integrated curriculum, emphasis on teamwork, group learning and practical experience. The management portion of the curriculum is a challenging, world-class academic program that builds on McGill's traditional strengths in functional areas. The curriculum focuses on integration, giving students a strong grounding in the basic business disciplines and their relationship to broader organizational contexts.

Balancing quantitative and qualitative studies, students develop some of the intangible business skills required in today's dynamic workplace: the ability to apply knowledge to the greatest benefit of the organization, make effective decisions, work in teams and lead others, and adapt to non-structured situations.

Employing a unique blend of case studies, exercises, discussions, group work, participatory role-playing and lectures, the M.B.A.'s balanced teaching approach ensures that course material is presented in the most effective way. Unlike other institutions, McGill Management stresses collaboration and teamwork among its students rather than promoting artificial competition.

Students join the regular Medicine class in their second year at McGill, beginning a four-year program in medical studies. Advanced Management courses focusing on health care issues are integrated into the electives schedule of the medical curriculum, rounding out the management portion of the program.

Upon graduation, students receive an M.B.A. from the Desautels Faculty of Management, and an M.D.,C.M. degree from the Faculty of Medicine.

Requirements and conditions for admission

Applicants to this program need only submit one application to the Faculty of Medicine.

Applicants to this program must meet all the general and educational requirements and adhere to all of the conditions for the M.D.,C.M. program. 

Admission requirements for the MBA portion of the program can be found here. There are no additional requirements for applicants to this program, however the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is recommended by the Desaultels Faculty of Management for admission and is one of the several criteria used for entrance scholarship consideration.


Applicants who are selected for the interviews for the MDCM will be further evaluated by the MBA Admissions team based on their work experience (for those who have acquired work experience prior to applying to the MDCM/MBA program), research experience (for those who do not have the traditional work experience), academic credentials, personal narrative, reference letters and extra-curricular involvement. Candidates that are chosen for the interviews for the joint program will be interviewed by a member of the MBA Admissions Team on the same day as they are interviewed for the MDCM program. They are then selected for the MDCM/MBA program on the basis of work experience/research experience and their interview. Candidates will only be offered a position in the joint program if they are offered a position in the MDCM program.


Students in the joint Medicine and MBA program will be charged one half of the total MBA tuition (rate in effect the year of entry to MBA, see Student Accounts Graduate Tuition & Fees) in the first year of MBA studies; the relevant MDCM tuition fees for the duration of their medical studies (see Student Accounts Undergraduate Tuition & Fees) and the remaining half of the total MBA tuition in the second year of MBA studies (rate in effect the year of entry to MBA). 

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